John R. Smith: Earth Day: A Creation of Global Socialists

You may have noticed that some folks “celebrate” Earth Day each April 22. Celebrants believe that the purpose of Earth Day, as quoted by a naïve liberal politician, is “to preserve the quality of our water and the air we breathe, and to protect all the natural wonders….”

It would be wonderful if that were all Earth Day was about.

However, the political objective of the people who sponsor Earth Day globally is much more sinister than the preservation of our environment.

The global environmental crusade is the modern home of the socialist/communist movement. Earth Day is the creation of this movement. The purpose of the global environmental movement is to give governments control of land and resources at the expense of private ownership. They would gut private property rights. They work to create government authority over the West’s industrial production through mechanisms like the U.N.’s Paris Agreement and Kyoto Treaty while exempting communist or socialist countries like China and India.

Their method? To blame humans and the corporate world’s industrial atmospheric emissions as the primary culprits behind global climate change.

Their ultimate goal? To curb or crush free-enterprise capitalism. They blame international industrial capitalism for climate change and advance international socialism as the solution. Their mantra is “Never, ever admit that progress has been achieved,” especially if conservatives are in power. After all, they can’t raise money unless they keep donors in a perpetual state of panic.

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In the United States, many in this global movement would take us back to some variation of a third-world status, with few automobiles, outlawing plastic, no clearing of trees, and no burning of coal or wood. They neglect to concede that we have more trees in the U.S. now—700 trees per person—than 100 years ago and more trees in total than in the year 1700.

The result of the Left’s earth-worshipping cult, through its network of lawyers, lobbyists, and civil disobedience demonstrators, is an enormous unseen tax and burdensome drain on America’s productivity. This burden comes in the form of uncontrolled environmental regulation, which costs more than $1 trillion annually.

But how many readers are aware that April 22 is not the authentic date of Earth Day? The original Earth Day was March 21, 1970, but a socialist power play for political reasons changed the date. March 21, 1970, the first day of Spring, was the original Earth Day, and until recent years, the United Nations celebrated it every year.

Let’s go back to 1970, a year of violent student protests and demonstrations engineered by the Left. Cars were burned or buried with filth, and garbage was dumped on corporate carpets. The left contended that only socialist countries would protect the environment under “command-and-control” laws. Liberal Senator Gaylord Nelson assisted in promoting these anti-capitalist protests and pressured U.N. Secretary-General U Thant to change Earth Day to April 22 (which Thant rejected). In fact, the original father of Earth Day was John McConnell, who originated the March date, the idea, and the name. The U.N. Secretary-General U Thant knew that and kept March 21 as the date because he felt the date was more appropriate if it was the first day of spring. Sen. Nelson “stole the name” and the date, according to McConnell, because Nelson saw the potential and the power in the Earth Day name, and he had a political agenda.

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This controversy over dates seems insignificant unless one knows the real reason behind the flap. Sen. Nelson confiscated the political potential in the Earth Day name, and he allowed himself to get mixed up with people in the global environmental movement who wanted April 22, 1970, to be the creation date for Earth Day.

Why is this date important in understanding that Earth Day truly is a creature of the anti-capitalist environmental movement?

Here’s the shocking reason: April 22, 1970, is the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth on April 22, 1870. Happy birthday, Comrade Lenin.

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