John Cleese: Won’t Cut ‘Loretta’ Scene to Please Transgenders For ‘Life of Brian’ Stage Version

“Monty Python” star and British comedy legend John Cleese, 83, has lashed out at the Daily Mail for allegedly reporting that he will remove a politically incorrect scene from a stage version of his movie “Life of Brian” to avoid offending the trans community.

In recent statements on Twitter, Cleese claimed that a reporter had “misreported me” when claiming the entertainer was planning to cut the famous “Loretta” scene for an upcoming stage adaptation of the classic religious satire film, “Life of Brian.”

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Cleese claimed he merely illustrated what others had advised him to do with the controversial scene. He declared he has “no intention” of removing it.

The scene in question features a male character from the 1979 British comedy telling his associates that he wants to be a woman named “Loretta” and demands the right to bear a child. Cleese’s character in the film tells the man that the notion is ridiculous.

John Cleese

“I want to be a woman… It’s my right as a man,” the character claims in a scene played for laughs. He adds, “I want to have babies… It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.” After Cleese’s protest, the character snaps, “Don’t you oppress me!”

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that the scene from the classic Python film “had to come out” of the script for a future adaptation, according to Cleese.

The British outlet cited Cleese’s comments at a recent show noting the controversy of the scene. Describing a recent read-through of “Life of Brian” with several actors, he said, “At the end, I said to the American actors: ‘What do you think?’ And they said: ‘We love the script, but you can’t do that stuff about Loretta nowadays.'”

He added, “So here you have something there’s never been a complaint about in 40 years that I’ve heard of, and now all of a sudden, we can’t do it because it’ll offend people. What is one supposed to make of that?”

While the Daily Mail and others reported the scene would be cut, Cleese went to Twitter to clarify that his comments were just what he was advised, not what he had done or wanted to do.

He wrote, “A few days ago, I spoke to an audience outside London. I told them I was adapting the Life of Brian so that we could do it as a stage show.

I said that we’d had a reading of the latest draft in NYC a year ago and that all the actors advised me to cut the Loretta scene. I have, of course, no intention of doing so.”

He then called out the media for leaving out the context surrounding his claims, saying,” ‘So someone in the audience had called a journalist and misreported me. Amazingly none of the British media called to check.”

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Cleese also clarified that he would not be cutting out the musical number “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life,” either.

So prepare for “The Life of Brian” Stage Show Python Fans.

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