JK Rowling Shreds Trans ‘Mob’ After Women’s Rights Group Assaulted, Threatened

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling shredded the trans activist “mob” over the weekend after several women’s rights advocates were attacked.
Trans critic Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, was forced to abandon her “Let Women Speak” tour in New Zealand on Saturday after pro-trans activists forced their way through a barricade and assaulted Keen’s group before dousing her in tomato sauce. Video of the attack has since gone viral, with Rowling describing the scene as “repellant.”

“There are multiple videos of Kellie-Jay being assaulted,” Rowling wrote on Twitter. “Women have become used to lies, threats of violence and outright denial of reality, but if you imagine anyone feels ‘defeated,’ think again. Your men’s rights activists showed the world exactly who they are.”

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Rowling had been responding to a statement from Auckland Pride denying any “further physical threat” towards Keen, calling it a “baseless rumor.” Video of the attack shows Keen’s group being overwhelmed by pro-trans protesters and forced to abandon the speaking event. One video shows a 70-year-old woman repeatedly punched by a male trans activist. Keen’s organization “Stand For Women” canceled a speaking event the following day, citing “credible threats on life.”

Following the attack, Scottish politician and LGBTQ activist Austin Sheridan tweeted a photo of a bowl of tomato juice, referencing the attack on Keen. “Seems you can’t have a nice wee bit of tomato soup without transphobes getting all worked up about it,” he wrote.

Rowling responded,

“We’ve all met ‘progressive’ men who think male violence against women they don’t agree with is a right old laugh. What’s new is seeing them being this open about it.”

The Harry Potter author also drew attention to another pro-trans counter-protest in the UK,

“After the repellent scenes from New Zealand, in which a mob assaulted women speaking up for their rights, [The Lesbian Project] is being intimidated and threatened in the UK right now.”

Followers of J.K. Rowling also weighed in on the violence,

“If you’re in New Zealand (or anywhere in the world) and you’re cheering and celebrating a 5ft1 mum of 4 being almost crushed and attacked by a baying mob because she dares to ask for female-only spaces, you are NOT on the right side of history.”

“Trans Activists show why women want and need female only spaces,” activist Sall Grover tweeted along with a video of Auckland Pride knocking down barricades. “Oi Posie, Bugger Off!” reads one of the protesters’ signs.

“No one will ever believe your crocodile tears again. You’re not oppressed. You’re not in fear for your life. You’re bullying and intimidating women who don’t buy your anti-science, anti-reason mantras and male entitlement. You’ve shown the world your true colours. We see you.”


Just hours after the initial attack in Auckland, New Zealand, Kellie-Jay Keen wrote a response on Twitter, commending her group for their bravery,

“The bravery of the New Zealand women and men who came to speak the truth shall not be forgotten. I was honoured to be amongst you. I’m so sorry.”


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