Jerry Nadler: Parents Who Didn’t Mask Toddlers Guilty of ‘Child Abuse’

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler (D) declared on the House floor Wednesday that parents who refused to mask their 2-year-olds during the COVID pandemic committed “child abuse,” and said that toddlers should have been “required” to wear face coverings unless vaccinated. Nadler, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, was making a case in favor of forcing vaccinations when he told the chamber that “[getting vaccinated] protects against transmission of the disease to the next person, and the health care worker certainly ought to be required to be vaccinated.”

“When we have a pandemic, like [the] COVID-19 pandemic that we had, 2-year-olds should have been required to wear masks. It would be child abuse for parents not to do that because there was no vaccination available for 2-year-olds,” ~ Rep. Jerrold Nadler, June 14, 2023

“The only way to protect them against COVID was have them wear masks,” Nadler added. “These mandates are meant to protect the public’s health and safety.”

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Nadler made his remarks during debate over a proposed amendment to the REINS Act, which would require a congressional vote before the executive branch enacts any policies to advance mandatory vaccination. Texas Congressman Chip Roy (R) who proposed the amendment, blasted Nadler for his comments shortly after.

“I’m tempted to yield the rest of my time to the gentleman from New York because he’s basically making the case for me more effectively than I can,” Roy said on the House floor. “The gentleman from New York is basically acknowledging everything that I’m sitting here saying, that I’m trying to do to protect the American people from the tyrannical state of the executive branch, but in this case my Democratic colleagues on the other side of the aisle.”

“I want everybody in America to understand what they just heard from the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee in the United States House of Representatives. Your 2-year-old should be forced to be masked. That is what the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee just said here on the floor of the House of Representatives. That the power of the government, the full power of the federal government, should be a part of ensuring and enforcing your children, your 2-year-old child to be masked.” ~ Rep. Chip Roy, June 14, 2023

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Nadler, attempting to fend off Roy, later responded that the COVID-19 vaccine was “just another vaccine,” continuing that “it’s another vaccine for a very raging pandemic we just had and which is hopefully over although people are still dying of COVID-19.”

“The REINS Act would make it much more difficult to require or even to drop the requirement for vaccination. And this amendment would specifically make it more difficult, and that’s ridiculous from a public health point of view,” Nadler added.

The amendment was ultimately passed with just five Republicans dissenting, including  Lloyd Smucker (PA), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Don Bacon (NE), Zach Nunn (IA), and Mike Lawler (NY). The House passed the REINS Act on Wednesday by a vote of 221-210.

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