Jeb Bush Criticizes FL Republicans, Politics Too Bitter, Read NY Times

Former Gov. Jeb Bush warned Florida Republicans at this year’s Florida TaxWatch not to become complacent and decried the divisive political atmosphere, partially blaming republicans.

Florida Politics reported that Florida TaxWatch and the former Governor praised Bush’s fiscal policies, and their maintenance by subsequent Governors has stayed that course.

“We are on a roll here in Florida. It is a place where freedom reigns supreme, where we don’t shut down because of some ideology, where our universities are increasingly being ranked at the top of the country.”

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However, Bush couldn’t leave it at that, instead dedicating a significant portion of his comments listing other things modern republicans could be doing, ranging from housing costs to education.

Bush attacked the results of Florida’s education, arguing that it is due to grading systems that had shifted since his tenure; even A-rated schools produce students who cannot read at acceptable levels. Bush did not specify what time the statistics were coming from and did not acknowledge the impact of COVID-19. Bush also railed against the fact that some Florida schools teach reading through “whole language” strategies, where words are identified for meaning first, as opposed to the phonetic sound-it-out style. The benefits and drawbacks of these two approaches are still debated. Regardless, Bush argued the system was especially impactful for low-income families.

Bush was also scandalized that property insurance remained a challenge and attributed that mainly to Florida’s climate promoting actual litigation on the matter. Bush argued that those involved in litigations were necessarily taking advantage of the situation.


“Our property insurance system sucks,” he said. “We have 7% of the property insurance premiums in the country and something like 70% of the claims. You all ought to demand that the trial lawyers that have taken advantage of this and the adjusters that are taking advantage of this system take a backseat. Then we let the property insurance owners actually have a fighting chance to afford their homes.”

Bush blamed insurance as the primary reason for Florida’s recent housing affordability issues. He did not mention any supply and demand dynamics brought on by the recent mass migration to Florida as a potential factor.

Moreover, Bush lectured the room full of conservatives on how modern politics were too bitter and tribal and encouraged them to subscribe to the New York Times, which he admitted was “expensive.”

In a vague call for re-uniting both sides of the political aisle, Bush implied that modern political parties are playing the same game for the same ends and are “in this together.”


“We need to get back to the idea that we’re all in it together,”

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