James ‘Boobie’ Miles, of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Fame, Arrested for Allegedly Choking His Ex-Wife

James Earl “Boobie” Miles Jr, 52, of Odessa, Texas, and one of the stars of the feature film ‘Friday Night Lights’ was arrested by Odessa police after allegedly choking his ex-wife Becca Dann Miles.

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According to the Odessa Police report, 911 operators received a call from Miles’ ex-wife, Becca, alleging that her ex-husband was choking her. The line went dead during the call, and multiple attempts to call back went unanswered.

James Earl Miles Jr.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Becca unconscious, slumped over the center console with her head in the passenger seat of a 2021 Chrysler 300 parked near the front of Miles’ house, partially in the street. The vehicle was running and locked. Police called her name, tried to wake her, and called for paramedics. Becca slowly raised her head and unlocked the car.

Cops said when she regained consciousness, she had trouble breathing, cuts on her hand, and marks on her neck consistent with being choked. Becca told police she thought her neck was broken.

Becca told police that her ex-husband James assaulted her and was inside the house.

Officers went to the door, knocked loudly, and announced their presence. James Miles refused to come to the door.

Officers used the P.A. System from one of their patrol cars and continued to call James to the door. Miles finally opened the door but refused to come out. Officers stated he was very belligerent and argumentative.


He finally exited the home but still wouldn’t comply with any orders from the police. Officers told him he was under arrest for domestic battery, and he stated he was not going to jail and was not getting arrested. Miles continued to make racist statements to the officers.

Odessa police K9 handler Corporal Galindo was on the scene and released his K9, and compliance was obtained.

Miles was transported to the hospital for treatment of the dog bite. During the ride to the hospital with the officer, Miles made several statements to the effect of ‘Becca has to go.’  He said that his ex-wife visited him so they could work on their relationship, but Miles wanted her to go.

According to Becca, she asked to stay one more night, and allegedly Miles threw her on the bed and started choking her. He let her up and pushed her out of the house. She said he felt faint and got into her car. She remembers backing out, passing out, and being woken up by the Odessa police.

Miles gained fame as a star on the Permian High School football team in Odessa, which was the subject of the 1990 best-seller “Friday Night Lights.“ which was adapted first into a feature film and then a popular television series.

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Since then, Miles has had numerous problems with the law, with 16 prior arrests and eight convictions, per police records, and he is a registered sex offender.

Miles was arrested and charged with three felony counts – assault of a family/household member, violation of a protective order, and possession of marijuana.

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