Jack Report: PBC Ballot Questions, Marc Wigder, REC Helter Skelter

Ballot Questions

Readers and friends have been asking me how to vote on Judicial Retention, The Constitutional Amendments, and Palm Beach County Questions one and two.

I’ve been doing Judicial Voter guides for many years, but I’ve only done contested races, not retention votes. Judicial Races take a lot of research, and no one that I’m aware of has ever lost a retention vote.

My old friend Alan Bergstein of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club summed all of it up quite nicely in an email the other day.

Vote YES on All Supreme Court Justices ….


Vote “NO” on LaBarga

Vote “YES” on the 3 Constitutional Amendments

Vote “NO!” on the 2 Bond Issues

Palm Beach County Question 1 (Vote No) is a workforce and affordable housing boondoggle. Every politician and candidate has walked around blithering about affordable housing for the last year.

The last time I heard so many local politicians talk about affordable housing was before the real estate crash of 2007–2008.

The government doesn’t make anything “affordable.” The free market does. Government distorts the market and makes supply problems worse.

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates 75 basis points a shot and plans to raise them another 1.25% by the end of the year. Those rate increases will blow up the real estate market, and Florida is not immune.

By the time Palm beach County gets anything done on its affordable housing scheme, they’ll be giving away houses when you buy a tank of gas.

There’s an anecdote about the tech stock market crash in the year 2000 that when your hairdresser tells you she’s making money in tech stocks, sell every tech stock you have.

I’m not an investment advisor, but when the government is pushing “affordable housing,” I’d sell every bit of real estate I could because government intervention in the housing market is the surest sign that the market is overheated and ready to crash.

Palm Beach County Question 2 (Vote No)

Anyone who votes to let the Palm Beach County School Board continue to take our money is making a  mistake. The School District is out of control. Everyone knows it; they tell you it’s about “school safety, teachers, and operational needs,” but don’t kid yourself, they’ll spend more money on administrators, diversity trainers, and security to protect themselves from the public.

Oh, but there will be oversight by an “independent committee of citizens and experts.” I might believe there would be some real oversight if Gov. DeSantis got to appoint all the experts and citizens, but it will be the usual bunch of big government educrats and Che Guevara types rubberstamping everything but actual education initiatives that teach our children anything worthwhile knowing.

Starve this beast. Vote no.

Marc Wigder

Last week, Marc Wigder held his campaign kick-off party for Boca Raton City Council, Seat B. It was well attended by many of the usual suspects in Boca politics. Wigder is a longtime resident of Boca and an accomplished attorney and investor. Wigder is a personable guy and a good conversationalist. He should do well. Scott Singer, the Mayor of Boca Raton, was there supporting Wigder.

Marc Wigder is the kind of candidate that Boca expects in a council member – smart, responsible, involved and willing to take on the tough issues with common sense. ~Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer

Christen Ritchey, another Boca Raton attorney, is also running for the seat, so there’ll be jostling for money and support before the Boca Municipal elections in March of 2023. My money will be on Wigder.

Find out more about Marc Wigder

Lisa Mark, Toni Neptune, and Mark Wigder
Lisa Mark, Toni Neptune, and Marc Wigder

The Republican Executive Committee of Palm Beach County 

Michael Barnett has been chair of the local Republican Party since the former chair Ira Sabin resigned in 2013, and as Vice-chair, Barnett took over for him. Barnett won the seat outright in 2014 and has been the chair since.

I’ve had several sources close to Barnett tell me he’s not running again, but when I asked Barnett. he wouldn’t confirm or deny and only said,

“I have not made my decision yet, and always announce my intentions at the October REC meeting out of respect for the committee members.” ~Michael Barnett

We’ll find out his intentions this Wednesday, Oct. 12, the date of the REC meeting.

Emails, texts, screencaps of Facebook battles, and posts have been zinging around the county, with multiple factions jockeying for power.

A few factions plan to challenge Barnett, even if he runs, but others would only go ahead if he didn’t.

Whatever Barnett decides, it’s almost certain there will be a street fight in the December party election. Some factions in revolt are nasty unappeasable conspiracy types, while others are normal.

I’ve always thought the party’s internal contests should be in mid-January instead of December, with electioneering discouraged before the November elections.

Initially, I intended to publish all the names and information of the various factions, but I changed my mind.

It’s time to close ranks and stop distractions. We have an election to win, and while I feel an obligation as a journalist to write about what’s going on, no matter the political party, I wish all my fellow Republicans would just shut up about each other and focus on winning in November.

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