Internet Explodes After ‘Crazy’ Nancy Pelosi, 83, Launches Re-Election Bid

At 83, Nancy Pelosi has lorded over her congressional district for nearly four decades. Before stepping down, she was the oldest Speaker of the House in history. Now, she is seeking what would be her 19th term as a U.S. Representative. Voters have two words for her: “term limits.”

“San Francisco is an absolute disaster. Stores closing, empty offices, carjackings, homelessness, and open-air drug markets. Yet Dems gleefully clap like trained seals hearing that Nancy Pelosi will run for office again,” attorney Rogan O’Handley posted on X, formerly Twitter. “She’ll be almost 87 by the time her next term ends. Insane.”

In an interview with MSNBC this week, Pelosi said she decided to run for re-election because of threats to democracy and issues in San Francisco.

“The needs that our city has right now really call for me to stay another term … At the same time, our democracy is at risk when we talk nationally.” ~ Nancy Pelosi on MSNBC

“Pelosi doesn’t want to stay on for another term, but she says she feels such ‘gratitude’ to the people of San Francisco for having elected her for 35 years, so feels duty-bound to gift them with two more years of herself,” journalist Glenn Greenwald responded, before adding sarcastically, “Her city has thrived so much, and she wants to keep giving.”

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Pelosi’s salary, like all members of Congress, ranks in the low six figures. Yet during her 36 years in office, the California Democrat has expanded her wealth to become one of the wealthiest figures on Capitol Hill. Pelosi and her husband own several homes, including a $25 million mansion in the Napa Valley, a $2 million waterfront condo in DC, and a $2 million red brick mansion in the California Heights. The couple reportedly owns a total of nine properties.

Pelosi says her re-election bid is an act of selflessness for her community, but others say she is just looking for her next paycheck.

“Pelosi Announces Bid For Two More Years Of Insider Trading,” read a Friday article from satirical news site The Babylon Bee.

That headline is not far from the truth, say voters.

“Just a few more million of inside trading, and she is good to go,” said one comment. “Why do these corrupt decrepit ghouls insist on holding onto power,” said another.

“Guess the billion dollar taxpayer funded mansion in Italy didn’t work out?” ~ Critical B [@criticalsfl]

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Even some lefty commentators jumped on board. Ex-Republican Joe Walsh posted,

“Oh come on. This is ridiculous. I appreciate all she’s done these past few years, but she’s been there forever. It’s a safe Democratic district, she should not run for reelection, and she should allow another Democrat, a new face, to represent that district.”

Another comment took a hilarious jab at Pelosi’s age.

“BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi announces she will seek reelection.

In response to concerns about her age, Pelosi replied ‘These are the same old scare tactics that were trite when I was the vizier of Senusret III, fifth king of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom.'” ~ Aelfred The Great [@aelfred_D]

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