‘I’ll Serve Anything But That’ – DeSantis Disses Bud Light While Playing Bartender in Nevada

Ron DeSantis played bartender and served drinks at a VFW post in Sparks, Nevada – but joked with the veterans that he wouldn’t serve them ‘woke’ beer Bud Light.

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Before heading this scheduled appearance at the Reno Rodeo on Friday evening, DeSantis stopped in at the Veterans of Foreign War Post 9211, known as “The Bunker.” The Governor was joined by his former roommate and once Nevada’s Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

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“Does anybody want a draught on the house?” DeSantis asked, acting as a bartender, offering before giving a beer to a veteran for free. The two cheered their beers and took a drink together.

DeSantis proclaimed, “Just so you know, I’ll serve you anything except Bud Light. I just can’t do that,” drawing raucous laughter from patrons at the post.

DeSantis referenced the ongoing Republican boycott of Bud Light after the Beer brand celebrated and partnered with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney for an advertisement. As a result, Bud Light’s stock has continually dropped, losing its spot as America’s number 1 Beer to Modelo.

According to ABC, the beer company’s president claims the losses are not on him or his sales team.

 “None of this is your fault, and none of this is my fault,” he said. He vowed to pay them each a lump sum that would put their income for last month at or above where it would have stood without the losses.

“I’m frustrated that this has [dragged] on as long as it has. I’m hopeful that we’re moving in the right direction.”

However, there’s no sign of improvement yet.

Just an hour later, DeSantis was at the Reno Rodeo, looking to charm voters in the critical early primary state.

According to the Daily Mail, attendees frequently walked by to shake DeSantis’ hand or take a selfie with the 2024 presidential candidate.

“They’re in the right place,” one Nevadian told DailyMail.com when asked how he felt about DeSantis attending.

Laxalt also joined Desantis at the Rodeo and is hosting him at the Basque Fry he started eight years ago. A longtime Donald Trump ally, Lazalt has defected to support DeSantis, his former roommate in the Navy Academy, in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

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According to Laxalt, part of the reason for the focus on Nevada is that it is up for grabs against Trump.

‘Trump hasn’t won Nevada the last two go-arounds,” Laxalt told NBC. “I was a two-time Trump chair. I don’t see a path for him to win Nevada in a general election.”

Past rodeo president Scott Patterson confirmed that DeSantis is the first-ever presidential candidate to visit the Reno Rodeo. What’s more, DeSantis brought his entire family to the event. Likely to help charm voters, but also due to his children’s reported interest in watching bull riding.

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