‘I Think I Was Out of My Mind’ – Woman Obsessed with True Crime Stabs and Dismembers Stranger Out of Curiosity

Jung Yoo-Jung, 23, of South Korea, allegedly killed and dismembered a woman “out of curiosity about murder” after dressing up as a student and going to an unwitting tutor’s home, police said.

Yoo-Jung is obsessed with TV shows and books about crime and decided to murder someone for real and researched how to conceal a body, the Chosun Ilbo reported, citing Busan police.

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Investigators found she had used her cellphone and borrowed books from a library to gather research for her alleged crime.

To find her victim, Jung reportedly used an app that connects parents with private tutors and contacted the victim by posing as the mother of a ninth-grader who wanted to learn English.

She told the victim her daughter would visit her home for a consultation.

Jung Yoo-Jung

Jung then masqueraded as a student by wearing a school uniform she bought online and went to the woman’s home, where she allegedly stabbed her to death.

“Jung is short, and with the uniform on, the victim probably mistook her for a middle-school student,” a police spokesman said, according to the news outlet.


She then bought trash bags and bleach before returning to the home, where she dismembered the victim, placed some body parts in a suitcase, and took a taxi to the Nakdong River, where she dumped the remains, policed said.

“In order to make it look like the victim had disappeared, Jung kept the victim’s mobile phone, ID card, and wallet, attempting to commit a perfect crime,” police said, according to the report.

But the cab driver became suspicious of the woman’s actions and called the police, who found bloodstained clothes in some bags and the rest of the mutilated body at Jung’s house.

When questioned by authorities, Jung initially told investigators she had accidentally killed the victim in an argument.

But she later confessed to the heinous crime after police found inconsistencies in her story, and her family urged her to come clean.

Jung told reporters she was “really sorry for the victim’s family.”

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Asked why she tried to claim the crime was a disappearance case, Jung replied,

“I think I was out of my mind,” the Korea Times reported.

“Jung also said she feels sorry for what she did,” the police spokesman said, adding, “We are conducting tests to see if she is a psychopath.”

Police described Jung as “a loner and a recluse who has been unemployed since graduating from high school five years ago.”

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