‘Hush up, Boy’ Biden Brutally Dragged for Racist Brush Off of Muslim Guest

Monday night, a reception was held in the East Room celebrating Eid-al-Fitr, and when a Muslim guest attempted to tell Biden that the only Muslim Federal Judge was in attendance, Biden retired to his racist segregationist roots and told him to “Hush up, boy”

“You wanna come and make a speech? Hush up, boy.”~President Biden

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‘Hush up, boy, as my mother would say’ he continued in a mimicked Southern drawl, a remark which was met with laughter from the other attendees.

The president has previously come under fire for using the term ‘boy’ in other racially-charged remarks, most recently in February, when he used the phrase while referring to the first black governor of Maryland, Wes Moore.

According to reports, the incident erupted after a member of the audience heckled Biden for failing to mention the first Muslim federal judge in attendance.

‘Hey, judge, how are you?’ Biden said after initially being interrupted. ‘I don’t know why you wanted the job, man… I appoint all the federal judges, but thank you for serving.’

As the attendee continued to speak over him, Biden called him ‘boy’ in his response. The gaffe quickly sparked backlash due to the historic connotations behind the word ‘boy’, which has been used as a racist slur against black people.

~Daily Mail

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The reaction was angry and righteous.

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