How You Can Harness the Power of ChatGPT: 10 User-Friendly Tips for Tech Novices

Picture this: nearly 7 billion people worldwide will soon have access to a new friend named ChatGPT right through their phones. It sounds exciting. But here’s a catch: most folks still don’t know how to talk to this new digital companion.

You might have heard quite a bit about artificial intelligence, or AI, in the news. There’s been talk about the need for rules and regulations to ensure these new technologies don’t run amok. Even Sam Altman, the head honcho at the company that makes ChatGPT, has suggested a group to watch over the most advanced AI systems. This kind of caution is essential, but let’s not forget that AI – especially the ones we use today – is a tool, just like a hammer or a sewing machine.

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ChatGPT, for instance, is a wonderful tool with a whole heap of potential. It can chat with you just like a human would and help with all sorts of tasks and questions. It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s here to help make our lives easier. All we need to do is learn how to ask it for help correctly.

How do you access ChatGPT?

Accessing ChatGPT from your mobile phone is quite simple. Open your browser and head to I currently use an iPhone, and all of the following video tutorials will be completed with that iPhone. So if you are using another mobile device brand, your screens may look slightly different than mine.

10 User-Friendly ChatGPT Prompts

Here are ten handy phrases to help you start a conversation in ChatGPT:

    • To make hard things easier to understand: “Could you break down (topic) into simpler bits? Maybe use some examples to make it clear?”

    • To become a better teacher: “Help me explain basic algebra to a seventh-grade student.”

ChatGPT Teacher Prompt

    • To remember important stuff: “What’s the key stuff to remember about (topic)? Could you help me make up a way to remember it all?”

ChatGPT Prompt Topic Memory Recall

    • To get creative party ideas: “Give me a list of creative party theme ideas for (person) who loves (topic).”

ChatGPT Prompt Party Themes

    • To use knowledge in practical ways: “Could you use what you know about (topic) to solve a real-life problem? And explain how you do it?”

ChatGPT Prompt Solve Real Life Problems

    • To write thank you notes: “Help me write a thank you note to my mother for (gift) I didn’t actually like.”

ChatGPT Prompt Thank You Letter

    • To connect with others: “Could you help me find folks who are interested in (topic) online? How could I join them and learn together?”

ChatGPT Connect with Others Prompt

    • To write a letter of recommendation: “What do I write in a letter of recommendation for (person).”

ChatGPT Recommendation Letter Prompt

    • To keep up-to-date: “Could you help me stay informed about the latest happenings in (topic)? What are some good places to keep an eye on?”

ChatGPT Stay Informed Prompt

    • To help with event sponsorships: “Please help me write an email asking local businesses to sponsor my (event).”

ChatGPT Event Sponsorship

Now, these are just conversation starters. The real fun starts when you figure out your own ways to chat with ChatGPT.

AI is another tool to make our lives a bit easier. Once we know how to use it, we can take full advantage of it while staying mindful of potential risks. Keep an open mind and see AI as a helping hand rather than something to fear.

While AI may seem like a new frontier, it’s a frontier we’re more than equipped to explore, one prompt at a time, right from our phone screens.

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