How regular conservatives can fight big tech

Big tech is doing its best to stop you from seeing news and comments from conservatives and conservative websites and anyone else who tells the truth. Here are some tips on what you can do to fight back.

I know everyone makes these grand pronouncements about how they’re leaving Facebook, Twitter, etc., for Gettr, Parler, Gab, Truth, or whatever.

They are all excellent platforms, but they don’t reach anywhere near enough people.

The top social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc., and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

We will have to fight an information war on social media sites that hate us for the foreseeable future.


Over one-third of the adults in our country regularly get their news from Facebook.

There’s no escaping Zuckerberg.

Like and follow your favorite Facebook news pages. Liking a page isn’t enough; you have to manage your follow settings to make sure you’re seeing the content you want to see.

Don’t just click “like” on Facebook stories, either. React! According to the Washington Post.

Facebook finally stopped using the angry reaction as a signal of what its users wanted and cut its weight to zero, taking it out of the equation, the documents show. Its weight is still zero, Facebook’s Lever said. At the same time, it boosted “love” and “sad” to be worth two likes.

Love stories from conservative sites, don’t just “like” them. It matters.

Comment everywhere

Write a sentence or two, make a friend, argue with a progressive troll, have some fun because you’re helping to fight the propaganda war. Comments count even more than reactions or likes on Facebook and in the online world of algorithms. Yes or no’s or a single emoji count for zero.

How to fight back when legitimate news is being suppressed

The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story cost Trump the election in 2020. Users who kept trying to post the Hunter story were banned from major social media outlets.

If they had known about one of the Biden family scandals, such as the Hunter Biden laptop information, 17 percent of Joe Biden’s voters wouldn’t have voted for him, found a 2020 post-election poll. This means big tech’s suppression of this story likely made enough difference to tip Joe Biden into his low-margin win in the Electoral College.

The Federalist

Babylon Bee editor booted after giving Twitter virtual middle finger; Charlie Kirk next to get nixed

A real fix to this problem will take legislative and court action, but there are some things you can do without getting banned from social media.

Post every news story you can find on social media that reports on the suppression. It’s not the same as posting the actual story, but it helps disseminate the news, and you won’t get banned.

The NY Post kept the Hunter controversy on its homepage online for weeks.

Another tactic is to post a slew of interesting articles from the media outlet whose story is being censored. Drive people to their site with other news stories from their site. The odds are pretty good people who visit the site will see the banned story.

You can’t reach the regular public if you get banned from major social media outlets. Use guerrilla tactics because the dead can no longer fight in a war. Stay alive and stay fighting.

Share direct links from your favorite site’s social media buttons

Every conservative site has social media share buttons. Use them.

Stop posting mainstream media links on social media

This drives me insane. I watch conservative friends of mine on Facebook ranting and posting memes about the biased mainstream media. Two days later, I’ll see the same people post a story from a mainstream media outlet like the one they were recently ranting about when the same content was available on conservative news sites.

Stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Take an extra minute to find the story from a reputable conservative site and post that.

Fake News

Fake news sites have been a disaster for conservative media.

Some conservative “news” sites publish garbage. News that is false or so exaggerated it’s a bad joke. Don’t spread absurd stories or memes just because you want them to be accurate or they sound fantastic. Check and see if it’s “fake news.” If it’s real, other reputable conservative sites will be covering the same story.

When conservatives spread debunked news, it helps to delegitimize all conservative media and the conservative movement.

Oh yeah, the Facebook algorithm will penalize you personally.


Times are tough for many people, but you should support your favorite conservative news site with a subscription. Most rates are around five dollars a month with a discount if you pay for a year upfront.

It’s infuriating being censored by the media, woke corporations, and our government

I know that, but the only option we have is to fight until the last dog has died.

So ride to the sound of the guns.

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