Horde of Teens Bust Down Family’s Door, Throw Party, ‘Thousands of Dollars’ In Damages

A Texas family is demanding answers after hundreds of teenagers broke into their home to throw a “mansion rager.” The family didn’t know the party was planned and were away from their home during the break-in. Local high schoolers reportedly spread invites to the party on Feb. 11, including the homeowners’ address.

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“We started receiving numerous phone calls from our neighbors that there were kids on our water tower on our property, there were cars up and down the street, and kids were hopping over the front of our fence.”

An unidentified homeowner gave an interview to Fox 7 News in Austin and recounted the events of that night. He says that the family sped home after receiving the phone calls from their neighbors, only to find that the partygoers had already gotten away.

“When I came into the neighborhood there were just car, after car, after car just trying to flee the scene.”

He said he was shown a flyer advertising the event as a “Mansion Rager” with the family’s address listed. The invite showed the start time as 7:00 pm and the end time as a cop car emoji, implying it would last until the cops arrived the break it up. The local teenagers had reportedly been spreading the invites on Snapchat, although the family says they do not have any school-aged children. He was not aware of what the teens were planning.

“It was horrifying. I mean, it was just unbelievable total violation of one’s privacy.”

According to the Fox 7 report, the front gate to the home had been busted open. The family returned to find all the lights on and the garage and front door wide open. The destruction totaled thousands of dollars in damages.

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“They had beer cans, the seltzer cans, like White Claw; I saw they had thrown like avocados at the wall; there was damage to sheetrock and baseboards.” The homeowner continued, saying they found tools thrown through the sheetrock walls of their garage and their toddler’s toys scattered around the property. An image of the aftermath shows a flat-screen TV smashed.

After surveying the scene, the homeowner said he also discovered articles of clothing left behind, several of which had identifying logos of different high schools around the area.

“We have some articles of other kids that were out on the property, and it was from all the major high schools in the Greater Austin area. It was West Lake High, Vandegrift, Lake Travis, and Bowie, those are for certain.”

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The local sheriff’s department is working with the homeowner to investigate the incident but has not announced any arrests. They are asking anyone with information to step forward. The homeowner suggested in the interview that the teens responsible would likely face several charges.

“There seems to be little consequences for these actions, and I feel like it’ll keep getting worse if we don’t get to the bottom of things like this.”

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