Honest Kentucky Toddler Tells Deputies Where to Find Hiding Fugitive

Authorities in Kentucky say they are very grateful to a young child who helped them catch a wanted person this week.

Kentucky Woman and fugitive from the law Tina Hicks is in the Whitley County Jail in Williamsburg, Kentucky, thanks to a toddler who helped Sheriff’s Deputies locate the wanted woman.

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Sheriff’s Deputies with the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department, officers from the Williamsburg Police Department, and troopers with the Kentucky State Police went to a home in Williamsburg, Kentucky, on Friday to serve Ms. Hicks with multiple arrest warrants, the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

As the group of law enforcement officers looked around the residence, attempting to find the wanted woman, none of the adults there at the time were willing to say whether Hicks was even in the house or not.

That’s when a toddler visiting relatives at the home stood up, put his hands on his hips, and said,

“It is good, to be honest. We shouldn’t lie.”

The toddler then told the group of Law Enforcement officers that the suspect was, in fact, in the room next to the bathroom.

When deputies checked, Hicks was found in the room next to the bathroom, and Deputy Brentley Patrick commended the toddler for his “integrity and service to the community.”

Hicks was served with two outstanding warrants for meth possession and drug paraphernalia, according to the Whitley County Sheriff’s Office. Officials said she was also served with four other outstanding warrants and transported to the Whitley County jail.

The Whitley County Sheriff’s Office said the boy was visiting family and appeared to have been “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“He was healthy, intelligent, and in no way appeared to be abused,” deputies said.

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No further information has been released about the case or if the toddler is interested in becoming a Deputy Sheriff in a few years.

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