Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County Releases List of Endorsements

The Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to support candidates for local and state elections who will support issues important to the Hispanic community but also essential for all people. The organization was initially started in Broward County when Jorge Garrido, a local businessman born in Cuba and raised in Florida, noted that Hispanics weren’t getting elected to office, and no one was spearheading an effort to identify their needs and support candidates who would prioritize them. Garrido eventually moved with his family to Palm Beach County, where he now serves as Chairman of The Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County. The organization consists of a board of community leaders and business people, some Hispanic and some not. It is bipartisan, and the organization has endorsed both Republicans and Democrats. In light of the local municipal elections in March of 2024, the Hispanic vote has released a list of endorsements for candidates they feel will serve their communities in the best possible way and with integrity. Click to see endorsed Palm Beach County municipal election candidates.

The Hispanic Vote hosts events featuring elected officials from both sides of the aisle. Featured in this photo are State Attorney Dave Aronberg and State Representative Mike Caruso.

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From the Hispanic Vote website. At Hispanic Vote PBC, our mission is to inform, engage, and empower our Hispanic community in Palm Beach regarding voting and the local political process. A united voice can lead to a stronger and more influential Hispanic community.

Full Disclosure: Tracy Caruso serves on the board of The Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County.

As a board member of this organization, I can attest to the fact that although the mission is to get more Hispanic people in office, this organization doesn’t believe in identity politics and endorses the best candidate for the position. That person is sometimes Hispanic and sometimes not. 

From left: Alejandra Garrido, wife, and board secretary, and daughters. Center: Congressman Brian Mast. Right: Chair Jorge Garrido

The endorsement process is a lot of work, requiring countless hours of research and coordinating between candidates’ campaigns and members of our Board to pull off, but thanks to your hard work and dedication, we were able to do it. -Chairman Jorge Garrid0

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw addresses Hispanic Vote

Garrido went on to say:

We are proud to announce the candidates who have earned our

Endorsement for the 2024 Palm Beach County Municipal Elections. The

Hispanic Vote Board of Directors instituted a rigorous process which

included the opportunity for candidates to meet in person with our

members on January 31st, followed by providing each candidate with the

opportunity to submit answers to a questionnaire, and finally, providing

each candidate with the opportunity to participate in a live Zoom interview.

We’d like to thank each member of our Board who volunteered to make

this a successful endeavor. We’d also like to thank all the candidates that

participated in this process.

Issues relevant to the community were discussed during the interviews, and most importantly, every candidate endorsed promised to help accomplish them. For more information, check out hispanicvotepbc.com.

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