Hillary Shredded For D-Day Post Comparing Trump to Hitler – ‘Pure Evil’

Failed 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is facing intense backlash this week following remarks she made commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, where she compared Donald Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. In a social media post to X on Thursday, Clinton accused her former opponent of being a threat to democracy and equated voting for Joe Biden with the sacrifices of the American soldiers who stormed Normandy Beach.

“Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy,” Clinton wrote in the post. “This November, all we have to do is vote.”

Clinton’s comments came amid the 80th anniversary of the June 6, 1944, D-Day landings, which marked a turning point for the Allied forces in World War II. An estimated 2,501 Americans were killed storming the beaches, with more than 400,000 being killed throughout the war.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the Trump campaign called Clinton a “stone-cold loser,” referencing her “horrific Benghazi debacle that led to the death of Americans.”

“Nobody takes Hillary seriously because it’s clear she is beclowning herself in order to stay relevant after President Trump crushed her in 2016.” ~ Trump 2024 Spokesman Steven Cheung

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Clinton disabled the comments on her ‘pro-democracy’ post, but that did not stop social media users from reposting her remarks and giving their thoughts.

“Just pure evil,” Red State contributor Bonchie wrote in response. “Comparing the sacrifices of those who died to defeat Hitler and retake Europe to Democrats voting against Donald Trump. Sick and disgusting.”

Podcast host Comfortably Smug wrote in reply to Clinton, “What kind of shameless, broken, lizard person do you have to be to tweet out some nonsense like this?”

“‘Yes I know what it was like for those soldiers on Omaha beach ducking machine gun fire, I went to vote. I am braver than the troops.’ She has never recovered from Trump’s win.” ~ Comfortably Smug [@comfortablysmug]

“Holy s***, I despise these people,” combat veteran and author Sean Parnell commented. “It’s impossible to capture just how loathsome a comment this is. To cheapen what WWII heroes did to BS garbage politics makes me sick. Again, WWII veterans deserve so much better than this.”

“To date, Donald Trump’s greatest achievement is preventing this goblin from ever being president.” ~ Flappr [@flapprdotnet]

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Clinton’s comments this week were not the first time she compared her former opponent to the Nazi Fuhrer. In May, she referred to Trump as “Grifter Hitler” while sharing an Associated Press article about his campaign.

On Thursday, Trump also used his social media to commemorate the Normandy landings but took a less partisan approach than Clinton.

“Today, we honor the immortal heroes who landed at Normandy 80 years ago. The men of D-Day will live forever in history as among the bravest, noblest, and greatest Americans ever to walk the earth,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“They shed their blood, and thousands gave their lives, in defense of American Freedom. They are in our hearts today and for all time.”

Trump bested Clinton in the 2016 election by 304 electoral votes to 227.

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