Hilarious video mocks Gavin Newsom and California

California Governor Newsom may have thought he was slick in attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but the jokes on him as he’s ridiculed in a new video.

Governor Newsom helped create an advertisement that aired on Fox News during the 4th of July, in an attempt to ridicule Governor DeSantis and denounce his administration as a threat to basic liberties and freedoms for all Floridians. The California governor attacked the state of Florida’s policies on its 15 week abortion limit, voting rights, and insisted that freedom of speech was under attack for children, prior to pleading for residents in the Sunshine State to move to California.

Newsom wastes money on DeSantis attack ad in Florida

Vote The R, a project dedicated to helping the Republican party regain political power by appealing to young voters, posted a satirical video in response.

The backlash against Newsom opens up by scrutinizing California’s COVID-19 policies and mandates, reminding the audience of DeSantis’ and the state of Florida’s lax policies that granted Floridians the choice to vaccinate and continue to allow their children in schools. Despite residents in California not having these freedoms and facing harsh lockdowns that the residents of Florida did not endure, the response points out Newsom’s blatant hypocrisy by attending sporting events in LA, while mandates were still active, similarly to Nanci Pelosi’s hair salon visit and San Fransisco’s mayor London Breed clubbing while Omicron first emerged throughout the country.

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The ad also attacks Newsom for California’s growing concern regarding its cities that are riddled with high crime and drug rates, an issue that has only become more prominent throughout Democrat-ran areas.

Responses under Newsom’s social media accounts have been searing. Twitter users have taken the time to remind the Governor about the woes that are crippling his own state.

The sudden back and forth between the two nationally popular governors was sparked by a recent response from DeSantis. In response to Newsom imploring Florida residents to move to California, DeSantis fired back by stating that not only is Newsom wasting his time with his ad campaign and giving DeSantis some limelight, but in reality, it’s the Californians who are moving to Florida, not the other way around.

If the state of Florida takes away basic liberties and freedoms and California grants them as Newsom says, he may need to explain why California lost a House seat during the 2020 census and why Florida gained one.

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