Hero Mom Saves Children-Stung Over 75 Times Saving Kids From Bee Attack

An unidentified mother and her two children were visiting Arizona’s Buckeye Valley for the day, taking photos and enjoying themselves, when a swarm of bees attacked and engulfed the trio. As mothers usually do, mom went into warrior mode to protect her children from harm.

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She grabbed her two children and put them into the SUV. Unfortunately, she could not get in with them without the bees getting in with her. So, to keep her children from getting hurt, she stayed outside and got stung over 75 times.

The woman’s mother called 911, pleading with rescue to come quickly. “Please hurry, please hurry, my daughter can’t get in the car; she’s being attacked by bees,” My granddaughters are with her. Please send some help,” the caller says.

According to the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, the City of Buckeye Fire Department responded and safely removed the children from the car by spraying the SUV with foam.

“The crews used foam to calm the bees and rescue the children from the car,” AFMA said in a statement. “The mother’s quick thinking saved the children from being stung.”

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The children did not sustain any injuries, thanks to their mother’s quick thinking, local officials said. The woman was hospitalized after the incident but has since been released.

Fire officials used the incident to remind people what they should do if a swarm of bees attacks them.

The best option is to get inside a safe place, the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority said. If that is not possible, the person should run in a straight line, cover their face and find shelter.

The agency warned that you should never get into the water and not try to fight the bees.

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