Hernandez-Mats Compares DeSantis to Castro, Gets Dragged on Twitter

Charlie Crist chose former teacher’s union boss Karla Hernández-Mats as his running mate last week, and she’s already bringing her disdain for DeSantis to bear.

Hernández-Mats argued DeSantis is an authoritarian in a tweet on Monday, comparing him to Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro.

DeSantis’s rapid response director Christina Pushaw quickly countered the claim that DeSantis was removing elected officials. She argued that DeSantis’ use of power was perfectly appropriate and that Charlie Crist himself agreed when he was governor.

A similarly misleading lack of context also characterizes the accusation of arresting voters. While the allusion to Castro would imply outright vote suppression of law-abiding citizens, it isn’t the whole picture. Hernández-Mats is referencing the arrests of multiple felons who voted when they were not allowed to due to their felon status, some of whom were charged with voter fraud.

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There were also multiple challenges to whether or not Hernández-Mats was being genuine in her concerns.

Pushaw argued that if she believed what she was saying, she would have left Florida already in reply to her tweet.

Editor in Chief of Florida Voice News Brendon Leslie pointed out that Hernández-Mats had tweeted her mourning for the passing of Castro in 2016 but had recently deleted it.

Another Twitter user replied with a screenshot of the tweet as evidence it existed.

This pivot on Castro is likely responsive to Florida’s relatively high Cuban and Cuban immigrant population, who are not fans of the dictator. Distancing herself and the Crist Campaign from Castro and her former support of him is in her best interest, as is likening DeSantis to the authoritarian leader.

Since Cuban-Americans broke heavily for DeSantis in 2018, this framing is likely critical for the Crist campaign.

Only time will tell if the strategy will work.

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