Here Be Dragons, On College Campuses

Legend has it that old world maps often contained a warning, “Here Be Dragons,” a caveat that a sailor or visitor was in dangerous waters. Today, if they were genuinely interested in the truth, the American legacy media could slap a similar warning on its stories about the militant and antisemitic protests on college campuses. Why? Because our civil society finds itself in dangerous waters. It’s America’s current challenge of mob rule and angry intimidation whenever the left starts to lose a policy debate. They set up the barricades and unleash the rioters.

You can call it “riot ideology,” where progressive leftists consider law-breaking and violence acceptable and justified as their answer to “institutionalized racism,” inequality, and “colonial Western values.” Today, anti-American messaging dominates campus life and university instruction, where students rule in a glut of activism. The campus protests are a symptom of a broadening trend of using criminal behavior, trespassing, and street-blocking protests to achieve dark political goals.

Instead of confronting violent anger and telling police to haul perpetrators to jail, local politicians too often show “concern” for angry people committing violence. Lowlifes like Al Sharpton and Kweisi Mfume emerge to sympathize with rioters. Too often, local clergy won’t help. Too many local politicians seem inclined to blame others for the evil deeds of the violent perpetrators. Oh yes, you see, “it’s society’s fault,” it’s the parent’s fault, or it’s “the Man” stomping the oppressed with his jackboots, or it’s the rich oppressing the poor. They excuse the protesters by calling them “the unheard,” trying to be heard. OK, but be heard without breaking the law. Frankly, usually, they go unheard because they have nothing sensible to say.

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Such leftist politicians and university officials are often the same people in authority who say, about rioters, “Give them some room”, and “We’ve got to let them vent”. These leftists, especially a lot of big-city mayors, have separated themselves from the reality of what protests turn into if not controlled. Worse, all of this criminality and divisiveness is breeding a threat and danger to the country’s political future and the preservation of the American system of values. The present course is unsustainable.

We are now moving deeper into the crisis. Political polarization and extreme division spread across the political landscape, undermining civil discourse and democratic processes. False information, through social media and legacy media, is fanning out to erode trust in institutions and to distort public perceptions. The left is undermining the rule of law, the integrity of elections, and judicial independence. Fentanyl is flooding into the country, killing our youth. Foreign actors and globalists are trying to influence American politics and society to destabilize the political system and undermine our sovereignty. Illegal immigrants are violating our borders, committing crimes, stealing, and demanding “free stuff.” The enemy from within is doing significant damage to America.

Domestic extremism is rising and promoting disruptive ideologies that can lead to terror and violence, which pose direct threats to society’s safety and stability. Governments spending trillions on issues like subsidizing green energy and rejecting fossil fuels is fueling massive national debt, deficits, and social upheaval, impacting our collective quality of life and security.

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All of this means we are heading to a massive national train wreck down the road, which will threaten to upend our American values system and cause a huge financial crisis. Economist John Mauldin calls it The Great Reset, which will likely be a true, world-shaking, generational crisis. When it will hit is unknown, probably 5-8 years later, but not in the next two years. As it hits, we will have to deal, one way or another, with two of the most enormous twin bubbles in the history of the world: mounting U.S. and global government debt and the even more giant bubble of expanding government power and fulfilling the promises made by governments. The most serious danger of The Great Reset, the form pushed by the World Economic Forum, could lead to a world government to which individual nations would be subservient– a social-justice government with taxing power that would be a “common political authority for all of humanity,” a la George Orwell.

The Great Reset will not be the end of the world. We will get through it. But America will be changed and diminished, possibly dramatically, and most likely not for the better, as many of our time-tested, successful American values will have been thrown to the wayside.

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