Gunmaker Heckler & Koch Deletes Woke Tweets After Customer Backlash

Gunmaker Heckler & Koch Produces some of the world’s finest, most sought-after firearms. Ultimately, it didn’t matter to its base after HK Marketing Manager Angela Harrell tweeted some wokeness about using gun bunnies in firearms advertising and then doubled down with another tweet describing campaigns that objectify women as “trash marketing.”

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The firestorm started on Monday when a tweet from Graham Allen referenced the recent Miller Light commercial that seemed to repeat the mistake made by Anheuser Busch with its Bud Light mistake.

Did NOBODY learn from Bud Light’s COSTLY mistake?

Miller Lite just dropped this WOKE advertisement!!!

When will these beer companies learn????

HK Not Woke

In a now-deleted tweet, Heckler & Koch responded to Graham’s tweet by expressing their support for not using “bunnies” to sell beer or guns.

Then on Tuesday, Harrell doubled down, responding to accusations that they have become “woke” by giving a detailed explanation of their opposition to “objectifying women” in selling guns and tweeting,

“Wow- woke? Allow me to translate. Objectifying women was never a good marketing strategy. In the firearms industry, that was a prominent strategy up until recently. Many industries have done that (including beer corps.) As an actual woman typing this, I’ll use more words for you to comprehend. Using bunnies to sell products is trash marketing. Supporting women by not doing that is  good.”

Twitter lit up with users lambasting H&K’s woke messages, with one user urging the gunmaker to quit making the woke assertions. That user wrote, “They need to stop digging.”

By Wednesday morning, all of H&K’s woke tweets appeared to have been deleted, but not before a photo of Harrell in a bikini was put up for all to photoshop.

H&K owners were victorious over wokeness this time and appreciated that the company turned this around quickly

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No word on Harrell’s employment status.

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