‘Grind this Department to a Halt’ – Sen. Vance to Retaliate Against Partisan DOJ

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance pledged to retaliate against what he sees as the partisan persecution of President Donald Trump by the Department of Justice. The freshman senator released a video on Twitter saying that he would “hold” Garland’s Justice Department nominees, making their accession to any office more difficult and time-consuming.

“I’ve announced today that I will be holding all Department of Justice nominees that Merrick Garland will use, if confirmed, not to enforce the law impartially, which is his duty, but clearly to harass his political opponents,” Senator Vance remarked, “I think that we have to grind this department to a halt until Merrick Garland promises to do his job.”

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Because the Democrats still have a majority in the Senate, the “hold” of nominees can’t prevent the nominees from being confirmed. It does, however, force Senate Democrats to waste floor time scheduling confirmation sessions for candidates owing to a lack of “unanimous consent” to hasten the process.

So far, two Biden candidates will face delayed approval: Rosemarie Hidalgo, candidate for Director of the Violence Against Women Office, and Todd Gee, candidate for US Attorney of the Southern District of Mississippi.

Senator Vance’s criticisms of the Justice Department go beyond the indictment of President Trump. The Ohio senator has railed against its alleged discrimination toward Christians and lackluster approach to handling rampant crime.

“Donald Trump is just one, and the most recent example, of the fact that Merrick Garland uses his department for political purposes. We have Catholic fathers harassed for their pro-life activism, we of course have violent criminals walking the streets after the 2020 summer of riots. And if you’re letting the violent criminals go free, and you’re harassing Christian parents for their political activism, you’re not engaged in justice, you’re engaged in politics.”

GOP resistance to the increasingly partisan behavior of the Justice Department has been few and far between. So far, just one other senator has joined Vance in impeding the Biden administration.

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Senator Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, a staunch supporter of former President Trump, has used his limited power as a member of the minority party to halt the promotion of military officers – including President Biden’s controversial pick for the Joint Chief of Staff Chairman, General Charles Brown. The Alabama senator has indicated he will continue the block until the Biden administration stops paying for interstate “abortion tourists” – which has left Biden appointee General Brown in limbo awaiting confirmation for weeks.

The Associated Press reported a Democratic staffer saying that, if doing nothing else, it would take the Senate more than six months to force through all of Biden’s Defense and Justice Department nominations because of Vance and Tuberville.

Though Republicans seem happy that the party is showing sporadic resistance, many say Vance’s efforts don’t go far enough. One Twitter user recommended holding “all nominees until the next presidential administration.”

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