Grassroots donors rally around Florida Parental Right’s sponsor

Despite the hate spewed by the radical left, grassroots donors rallied to the side of Florida Rep. Joe Harding, R-Ocala, the main sponsor of The Parental Rights in Education Act.

Last week Harding tweeted that he raised “over $70,000 in March from an unprecedented 3,700+ donors.” That averages out to less than $20 per contribution.

The progressive legacy media spread the vicious and partisan lies about HB 1557 that may have only served to rally the people around Gov. DeSantis, Rep. Harding, parental rights, and the State of Florida.

There was never any truth to the “Don’t Say Gay” label the media and the left used to describe parental rights, which only gave parents the ability to make decisions for their children.

Making decisions for a first-grader who probably still believes in Santa Claus about sexual information is a parent’s right and a matter of natural law.

The Truth of Florida’s new law, you can ‘Say Gay’ all day

To truly witness hate, all a person has to do is watch the left on Twitter.

Some responses to Harding’s fundraising tweet:

Propaganda fuels hate, and the legacy media publishes propaganda.

The propaganda of the Palm Beach Post

Harding may need as much money as he can because, as noted in one of his videos, Big “woke” corporations are threatening Joe Harding.”

Parents all over the country are fighting back against the tyranny of school boards, left-wing teachers, and bloated school administrations.

We have our own battles to fight here in Palm Beach County against our largely inept, secretive, progressive, and tyrannical School Board who think they own our children.

Still, we should help our brothers and sisters in these battles whenever we can.

In that spirit, Stand with Joe and Contribute to His Campaign!

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