Governor Kristi Noem to America – We Just Can’t Shop at Target Anymore

Target is having the worst Pride month ever. Just when it seems things can’t get any worse for the shopping empire, South Dakota Governor Kristi Norm says America can’t shop at Target anymore because they’re at war with our American values. 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is done with Target’s woke ideology. She told Fox News no more shopping at Target for Americans.

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In an interview with FOX News on Wednesday,  host Steve Doocy, Noem said that while she and other Americans loved shopping at Target, ‘we just can’t anymore’ because the company is ‘fundamentally tearing down this country.’

Target’s stock plummeted by billions of dollars due to poor marketing decisions of late. Florida Jolt came out with an article about Target’s Satanic clothing designer who came out with items for Pride month, such as baby onesies with statements such as ‘Satan Respects Pronouns.’ The backlash was so brutal that the company almost immediately pulled the clothing from its shelves. This debacle wasn’t the last of it. 

According to Dailymail, It was later revealed that its nonprofit organization had donated millions to a pro-LGBTQ organization that promotes keeping a child’s gender identity from their parents and another group that calls for the return of Mount Rushmore to the Lakota people. Target’s market value plummeted by $ 14 billion after the scandal but has since returned a little, recouping $ 1 billion of its losses.

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On Wednesday, according to its website, Fox New’s Steve Doocy spoke about Target’s connection with the NDN Collective, an  Indigenous-led organization dedicated to “building Indigenous power,” according to their website. NDN wants to eliminate Mount Rushmore, which they view as a symbol of white supremacy. 

Noem had this to say to Doocy;

‘Well, Steve, it’s crazy. ‘They want to remove Mount Rushmore, shut it down, eliminate it. And it has long been an institution of what America stands for.’ ~Governor Kristi Noem

Noem described NDN, which Target funded in 2022, as extremist, ‘anti-America, anti-military, anti-cop, anti-veteran’ and ‘anti-Israel,’ saying it is using the money it received from Target to ‘infiltrate our American way of life and our value system.’ It’s dangerous,’ Noem added. ‘And Steve, I’m like a lot of Americans, love to shop at Target. I mean, we do, but we just can’t anymore. Target’s leftist execs support giving away Mount Rushmore. Not on my watch. America’s symbol of freedom will endure.’

Target continues to virtue signal despite losing a ton of money. Their woke ideology is bad for business. They managed to figure that out with the Pride onesies but continue making business decisions that are anti-American statements. Target is just like any other corporation. They’re in the business of making money, so they were quick to turn on their supposed “values” the moment the money dried up. Making money is the nature of capitalism, but Target doesn’t want to admit that. They want to convince people they’re in the diversity, equity, and inclusion business because they think that’s who buys from them, but they’re wrong; that’s not who their customers are. Target has yet to realize that its customer base doesn’t buy into this anti-family and anti-America schlock. 

Governor Kristi Noem is unapologetically sending the right message. America needs to let Target know that they no longer like what they’re selling and that they’re not buying it anymore.  

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