Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Gender Transition for Minors

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed into law a bill that bans gender-transition procedures such as hormones and surgery for transgender youth and also enacts obstacles for adults to access treatment.


The bill is part of a growing chorus of conservative and moderate lawmakers, citizens, and parents pushing back to protect children from modern gender theory and sexualization.

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“This will permanently outlaw the mutilation of minors,” DeSantis said at a bill-signing ceremony in Tampa.”

“You have a movement amongst, I would say rogue elements of the medical establishment, to do things that are basically the mutilation of minors. They’re trying to do sex change operations on minors, giving them things like puberty blockers and doing things that are irreversible to them. And that is not based on science, that is not based on evidence.”

The law’s language accomplishes this by recognizing sex re-assignment surgery on minors as “serious physical harm.”

As such, the new law grants state courts jurisdiction in child custody battles over transgender minors when a Florida parent opposes treatment being pursued under an out-of-state parent and considers attempts at re-assignment an emergency outside parental authority. The law does, however, carve out exceptions for intersex individuals.

The law, however, doesn’t stop there, mandating that adults seeking transition be informed, in person, of the risks of any procedures or drugs, before giving written consent.

“Consent to sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures is voluntary and informed only if the physician who is to prescribe or administer the pharmaceutical product or perform the procedure has, at a minimum, while physically present in the same room: Informed the patient of the nature and risks of the prescription or procedure in order for the patient to make a prudent decision;  (b) Provided the informed consent form, as adopted in rule by the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine, to the patient; and (c) Received the patient’s written acknowledgment, before the prescription or procedure is prescribed, administered, or performed, that the information required to be provided under this subsection has been provided.”

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On the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, DeSantis reflected on the bill and its importance.

“And then we did a bill, which is sad that we’re even having to discuss this, to criminalize the mutilation of minors who are undergoing these sex change operations by these really rogue ideological physicians. And we’ve had really heart-breaking testimony from people who had gone through this when they were minors, now they’re adults and this is something they’re having to overcome…”

DeSantis said that while Florida had already stopped the practice administratively by revoking the medical licenses of physicians attempting such procedures on children, it was still necessary to make it permanently illegal.

“If you’re taking off the private parts of some 15-year-old kid, you should go to jail for that. That’s just totally unacceptable.”

DeSantis also specified that the bill allows adults who were transitioned as minors to sue the physicians who did so for causing “irreversible damage.”

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