Gov. DeSantis Honored in Philly with Union League Medal Given to Lincoln, Left Goes Crazy

n Tuesday Evening, Governor Ron DeSantis was bestowed with the Philadelphia Union League’s highest honor, The Union League Gold Medal, sparkling backlash and protests in the city streets.


The League’s motto is “mor Patriae Ducit” or “Love of Country Leads,” and its previous award recipient reflects that. The League gave the first medal to President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, and now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is honored for his Sunshine State leadership.

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However, not everyone was happy. The choice was met with stiff resistance from some club members and Philadelphians, who feel DeSantis is not worthy of the honor, claiming he promotes election deniers and banning books from school libraries.

The attacks are partially due to DeSantis’s policies of getting sexually explicit material out of school libraries and his crucial endorsements for republicans of all stripes nationwide for the midterms that earned him the medal in the first place.

Some members threatened to resign unless the award was rescinded. State Senator Vincent Hughes was among the protesters who gathered outside of the Union League Tuesday; he cited DeSantis’s recent banning of AP African American history. DeSantis objected to the course because it was politically biased, involved critical race theory, included one-sided advocacy for further racial reparations, and was taught by other history classes.

Hughe’s, however, claimed DeSantis had a different motive, claiming, “Why are you promoting this individual who, in their philosophy, sees so many people, Black and brown folks, LGBTQ+ folks, as secondhand citizens?”

Rev. Alyn E. Waller of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church chimed in on the matter before the protests started, claiming that opposition to the course mentioned above material was an opposition to African Americans writ large.

“This is a disgrace. It is wrong. It is a smack in the face of the people of this city. How are you going to honor someone in a city that is 44% African American, and he has determined that an AP course on African American history has no educational value? That is not acceptable.”

Some on Twitter have echoed this notion, bashing DeSantis, with one individual even calling him a Klan member.

Since DeSantis’s resistance to the class curriculum, the College Board has backed down, preferring to edit the curriculum rather than lose Florida students.

However, the protests went on regardless.

One user even reported protestors shouting “shame” at anyone who walked into the Union League building.


Aaron Bashir, a Republican ward leader in Philadelphia, rejected this attack style, arguing that it’s time for all Americans to accept disagreements without labeling people who share opposing views.


“Whenever you’re trying to come up with something, they always attack you as a racist person, as a person who does not support minority rights. It’s insane.”

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