GOP Primary candidate Christina Ducasse sends questionable mailers

Christina Ducasse is challenging Peggy Gosset-Seidman in the FL House District 91 Republican primary, and the Ducasse campaign is one of the worst I’ve seen, and I’ve seen some bad ones.

Having written and designed hundreds of political mailers, I pay careful attention to every piece of political mail I get. Most Republican super voters agree on the issues, so while I look at their positions, I don’t review the mailers on issues. I evaluate the style and professionalism of the mailers.

I’m interested in the ability of the candidate to deliver a message.

Even though I’ve endorsed and donated to Peggy Gossett-Seidman, all I was planning to do was objectively review the mailers as I did yesterday in FL CD-23 fundraising update and candidate’s absentee mailer review

Then I looked closely at Ducasse’s mailers. We received six mailers from her and someone named Steve Byers. They all looked exactly the same. Any differences were minor and cosmetic.   

Before I continue, you have to take a look at the mailer:

I received two of the mailers, my son got two, and so did my wife.

There’s no disclaimer anywhere saying that Ducasse paid anything for these mailers.

The only disclaimer is:

Paid for by Steve Byers, Republican, for State Senate, District 26

That’s not allowed.

Update 7/26 9:15 AM: My sources tell me a response to the complaints was filed.

Byers and Ducasse are now subject to fines of two thousand dollars each. I wouldn’t expect much leniency either. My sources tell me multiple complaints have already been filed with the Division of Elections.

The Byers-Ducasse mailers had to have cost over a thousand dollars which is the limit anyone can donate to a candidate, whether it’s an “in-kind” donation (a donation of goods or services) or a check.

According to The Florida Department of State, Division of Elections, Byers already donated one thousand dollars to Ducasse on June 11.

I’ll be very interested in seeing how Byers reports the expenditures for the Ducasse mail.

Disclaimers could be the beginning, though. I’ve been looking through the Byers-Ducasse election finance reports; they don’t make much sense. We’ll have to see what a more thorough examination reveals.

This terrible twosome didn’t even bother to household the mail. When two or more people of the same political party live in the same home, you send one mailer to the entire house. The Byers-Ducasse combine sent six mailers to my house when they only had to send one.

That’s a lot of money down the drain.

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I was confused when I first saw it, and I’ve been knocking around politics for close to thirty years. With two people on the mailer, they’re confusing the voters. And when you confuse people, they don’t vote for you.

If a candidate doesn’t bother to learn the basics of running a campaign or election law, they have no business running for office.

Byers-Ducasse is embarrassing themselves and their fellow Republicans.

Seidman sent five different, well-done professional mailers, all householded. She knows how to run a race and deliver a message. And, if you look at where she stands on the issues, you’ll see she’s just as conservative as her Republican opponent.

Editors Note: This post originally said all the mailers were the same, but there is a slight barely noticeable cosmetic difference on three of them.

Full disclosure: Jack Furnari has endorsed Peggy Gossett-Seidman and has donated to her campaign.

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