GOP House Reps Stand Up for FAU Trustee Barbara Feingold

Two Florida House Reps who are proud graduates of FAU, Toby Overdorf, R-Port Palm City, and Rep. Mike Giallombardo, R-Cape Coral, sent a letter to the FAU Board of Trustees and interim university president Stacy Volnick in support of board Trustee Barbara Feingold, who has been attacked in the press by legacy media for doing nothing except generously supporting FAU and standing her ground by agreeing with Governor DeSantis’ recommendation, Rep. Randy Fine R-Bevard County, for the university’s new president position. 

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The FAU new president search has turned into a polarized political fight and ongoing legal battle, complete with a legal opinion from a politically involved attorney who represented DeSantis’s disgraced opponent, Andrew Gillum, for a recount during the  2018 Florida gubernatorial election.

Barbara Feingold has been a committed trustee of the school and a generous donor. She has put her heart and soul into FAU and has done everything possible to ensure that FAU can build a top dental school. In return, she has been inappropriately treated and embarrassed by the legacy corporate media who openly despise Governor DeSantis and Republicans, which is why Reps. Overdorf and Giallombardo let their thoughts be known in a letter to the university, letting them know their opinions about a valued trustee. A portion of the letter reads;

For over a decade, Mrs. Feingold and her family have helped propel FAU to new heights as we approach being recognized as a top 100 University. This march forward has been matched by increased opportunities for academics, athletics, and campus expansions. During the 2023 Legislative Session, she played a significant role in advocating for the university and exposing students to the legislative process in Tallahassee. We watched her advocacy at work through countless phone calls and meetings with members, staff, lobbyists, alumni, and donors. Mrs. Feingold has been a fierce advocate for improving the quality of education and life on campus. She should be commended for her relentless passion for making FAU the best higher education institution.

Full letter here.

Rep Toby Overdorf, R-Port Palm City, and Rep. Mike Giallombardo, R-Cape Coral

To recap the insanity of what’s gone on, University Chancellor Ray Rodrigues suspended the search for a new president for FAU after questions arose about how the investigation was conducted. State Rep. Fine, a highly successful, self-made business leader in the Florida House, husband, and father, was the bill sponsor for a new law that prevents performing sex reassignments and prescribing puberty blockers to minors in Florida. Rep. Fine, the recommendation from Governor DeSantis, wasn’t chosen, which was a massive shock to many and was seen by some as a politically motivated, anti-Republican, woke university decision. Three candidates were selected as potential options that some trustees and “highly pedigreed” donors, as one referred to himself, saw as more suitable. Evidence then showed that at least one candidate during the search, who turned out to be State Rep Randy Fine, had been asked if he was a biological male or a transgendered male. An investigation is now taking place, and the search for a new president has been officially suspended. 

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Additionally, the Gillum recount lawyer who wrote a “they did nothing wrong” opinion letter at the behest of board trustee Chair Brad Levine happens to be the attorney who worked on a case involving the state medical board’s refusal to show reports of the “science” to justify gender transition surgery for minors. The state rep who happened to be involved with this case was Randy Fine.

Florida Jolt spoke with Rep. Overdorff about why the Barbara Feingold letter was sent. He says;

Media outlets and specific individuals have attacked Feingold. We are opposed to those attacks. We have seen the efforts firsthand of what she has done to make FAU a standout in the state of Florida. She truly cares about the university. We appreciate her actions, and we want the world to know. 

We are disappointed with how Barbara has been vilified through this process. She is a volunteer and philanthropist. She shouldn’t be attacked. These attacks are unwarranted. 

Barbara Feingold is a fighter who knows what’s right. She won’t back down and be bullied. Reps. Overdorff and Giallombardo are standing up to legacy media, which has been attacking Republicans and supporting Democrats, at any cost, for far too long.

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