Good News for Families-Woke Left-Wing Messaging Is Failing

Woke, liberal messaging is pushed on us at every turn—I find it exhausting in its lack of creativity with the same leftist themes and images clumsily placed into every advertisement.

I’ve assumed that this constant flow of woke cultural hype is successfully persuading the population toward liberal views. So I was surprised that a recent survey of more than 8.6 million U.S. voters revealed that the number of Americans identifying as liberal is shrinking.

According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult, the number of electorates identifying as liberal is shrinking.

A shift of 6% of the electorate is significant—enough to impact an election.

The biggest gain was 4% toward the moderate middle; the conservative association increased by 1%, from 38% to 39%.

We see this shift in Florida, where the number of registered Republicans now outnumbers the number of registered Democrats. That’s good news for those who enjoy the freedoms of a DeSantis Florida.

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But the August 23 school board election results in Palm Beach County show that there is much work to be done if conservatives want a voice for family values.

Ryan Girdusky from the 1776 Project PAC was instrumental in flipping five school boards toward a parental rights majority in Florida. His advice?

“Conservatives in counties like Palm Beach should focus on merit in education. The fact that liberals are willing to destroy specialized schools throughout the country for the sake of diversity robs our best and brightest of a quality education. We need to do whatever we can to ensure that these types of schools exist and merit is rewarded.”

The moms of my 4–year-old daughter’s friends keep talking about needing basic academics and a sense of virtue being taught and exemplified in school.

State Representative Rick Roth is a Republican who has won in 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections in the majority Democrat PBC District 85. What is his winning message?

Every American should have access to affordable healthcare, housing, education options, good-paying jobs, civil rights, and liberties. But, my liberal desire to help others is tempered by belief in individual rights and responsibility and less obtrusive government. Elected representatives must embrace innovation and new programs to assist all Floridians in reaching their American dream in a fiscally conservative way.

Sounds like common sense to me.

Some say the Republicans are at a national advantage for November, as all categories of people have shifted toward the Republican Party. “Black Republicans identifying with the right increased from 37% to 58%, alongside a similarly sized increase among Hispanic Republicans, from 48% to 66%.”

This doesn’t surprise Dorcas Hernandez, who is running for state representative in District 92. She believes the shift of Hispanics to the Republican Party is because Hispanics align with traditionally conservative values.

We, the Hispanic American community, are strong in conserving our traditional values—we teach our children the traditions of our Judeo-Christian values, and we preserve the legacy of faith, family, and freedom.

Anti-family woke messages typically don’t resonate with Hispanics.

It would seem that it is not winning with young people either. According to the same Morning Consult survey referenced earlier, the share of young people—ages 18-34—who identify as liberal has dropped more than the other age groups.

I’ll take these results as hopeful—and the next time I see four commercials in a row project liberal ideology at me, I’ll remember that this woke group is not the majority.

Meanwhile, I hope the candidates who stand for family values will communicate the winning message of common sense that promotes academic excellence in education, parental rights, community safety, and the success and happiness of families in Palm Beach County.

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