‘Good Guy With Gun’ Shoots KIller Who Stole Handgun, Opened Fire in Texas Mall

A 16-year-old suspected of killing one person and wounding three others in a Texas mall shooting was shot by an armed bystander with a legal firearm on Wednesday. The suspect, not named due to his age, had reportedly stolen a handgun before opening fire in the crowded mall. The bystander, Emanuel Duran, is now being hailed as a hero.

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Police say that a confrontation occurred between two groups, mainly teenagers, at the Ciesto Vista Mall in El Paso on Wednesday. A struggle ensued between the individuals, whose ages ranged from fourteen to twenty years old. According to a statement from the El Paso Police Department,

“The confrontation between both groups escalated into a physical fight. As they fought, the 16-year-old suspect pulled out a handgun.” Police said the suspect then opened fire, hitting multiple people. “The suspect fatally shot 17-year-old Angeles Zaragoza and seriously wounded a 17-year-old Hispanic male who was part of the first group. In the shooting, a 20-year-old Hispanic male of the second group was shot.”
The shooting soon ended, and the suspect tried to flee the scene,

“[T]he 16-year-old suspect began to run and was pointing the gun towards the direction of bystanders, including 32-year-old Emanuel Duran.” Police confirmed that Duran is a Licensed Carry Holder and happened to be armed that day. “As the suspect ran towards Duran and bystanders, Duran drew his handgun and shot the suspect.”

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After the suspect fell to the ground, Duran and a nearby officer ran over to him. “At that time, one off-duty El Paso Police Officer arrived at the area of the shooting and together with Duran rendered aid to the 16-year old suspect and the others that were injured.”

“That’s what the 2nd amendment is about,” one person Tweeted about the incident. “Law abiding citizens being able to defend themselves.”


“Turns out that a ‘good guy with a gun’ stopped the El Paso mall shooter. Reckon MSM will stop the coverage of the mall shooting now.”

Former Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores, R., also weighed in on the shooting, saying, “The bravery and heroic efforts should be acknowledged.”

El Paso police Sergeant Robert Gomez told KTSM 9 News after the shooting, “It’s always concerning, especially when a 16-year-old has a stolen handgun and fires a weapon inside a very crowded mall. It’s very concerning, it’s very disturbing, actually.”

Upon further investigation, police discovered “at least two other legally armed citizens” near the shooting. However, they did not draw their weapons and were not involved in the initial confrontation.

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The 16-year-old suspect was listed as being in “stable condition” as recently as Friday. Charges against the suspect are still pending. El Paso police are continuing to investigate the shooting.

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