Good Guy Shoots Suspect Stabbing Women-‘Just Couldn’t Sit There and Watch and Hear What Was Going On’

Josh Dobbs of Union City, Georgia, is a hero today after he shot a man on a spree that had stabbed two women and was closing in on a third.

Dobbs woke up early Saturday morning to the sounds of a woman screaming for help outside his Hidden Lake apartment door and sprang into action.

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Josh Dobbs, hailed as a good Samaritan told FOX 5 he jumped into action when he heard a woman’s screams coming from the Hidden Lake Apartments in Union City on Saturday.

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch and hear what was going on,” “I have a daughter, and I have a lot of respect for females and everything, so I was just doing the right thing and stepping up.”

According to Union City police, the suspect had already stabbed two women in the complex, and Dobbs came out of his apartment armed with a pistol just as the man began to stab a third victim.

Josh Dobbs

Dobbs did not hesitate to help, and in doing so, the armed citizen may have saved the lives of two women and earned the praise of local police for his actions.

One of the victims called the Union City Police for help, and according to the police,

“Officers responded to that location where they observed a female lying outside in between cars who had also been stabbed, as well as two subjects behind the apartment–the incident location. One had been stabbed, and it appeared the other one had been shot,” Prentice Brooks, Union Police Department, said.

Police said the person who was shot was the suspect accused of stabbing the three women.

“As the male subject was assaulting these female subjects with the knife, an onlooker saw the assault taking place,” Cpt. Brooks said. “He stepped up and stopped the threat. He did shoot the suspect.”

Unfortunately, one of the three women stabbed by the attacker succumbed to her injuries, but the prognosis for the other two victims looks good, and they will recover, and police say it could have been much worse had Dobbs not intervened when he did.

“We actually commend him for what he did and stepping up,” the captain added.

The unidentified suspect was taken to the hospital, later dying from his injuries.

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Union City Police are still investigating the incident, but for now, they said this seemed to result from a domestic dispute.

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