Going Rogue: Team DeSantis Distances Itself From Overeager PACs

There’s been massive enthusiasm for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis across the nation, and the appetite for a 2024 presidential run has not exactly been subtle, a trend from which Team DeSantis has now moved to distance itself.

Pro-DeSantis PACs have been issuing social media ads. DeSantis, however, still riding Florida’s red wave that saw him help shift Florida from purple to blood red in just four years, has pushed for patience.

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DeSantis has been cagey regarding a 2024 presidential run, repeatedly dismissing questions about the matter. Pro-DeSantis PACs have formed regardless and are using his current popularity to raise money. Still, his legal team says everyone should take a step back and let the governor breathe, as there’s no rush despite Trump’s early announcement, something DeSantis himself told reporters on Wednesday.


“People just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff. I mean, seriously, we just ran an election,”


One PAC, known as ‘Ron to the Rescue,’ has been pushing particularly hard, even putting together an ad for a DeSantis  Presidential run, which aired in Iowa, so much so that DeSantis’s inner circle felt compelled to make a statement.

The Florida Governor’s lawyer stressed that the PAC was not working with Team DeSantis, according to Hot Air.

Whether well intentioned or not, the organizers of these PACs have not been in contact with DeSantis leadership and such efforts may create confusion amongst supporters of the Governor and his policies. It is important to make clear to supporters that Governor DeSantis and his team are not affiliated with the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC, have not authorized it to conduct any activity on their behalf, and contributions made to the ‘Ron to the Rescue’ PAC will not benefit Governor DeSantis or his agenda.”


GOP support strategist John Thomas explained why he launched the PAC in the first place.

“The American people need to show the governor we’ve got his back. We need to put in place the infrastructure so that we have a turn-key operation that we can hand over to the governor, if and when he decides to run for president.”

Thomas’ enthusiasm stems from DeSantis’s massive electoral victories in Florida, but it was clear that his support for DeSantis did not contradict Trump.

“I’m a very vocal Trump supporter, have been since 2016,” Thomas said. “But what we’re saying is, we would like the former president to shift from a party leader to a party elder and make room for Gov. DeSantis, who has shown the way that he can save the Republican Party in 2024.”

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