Glenn Beck Predicts End of Fox News Without Tucker Carlson-Website OVERLOADS With Supporters

Ex-Fox News host Glenn Beck is predicting the rack and ruin of his old employer, calling Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network a “suicidal” move. Beck appeared to join conservatives nationwide in standing behind Carlson, whose cable news program was the most-watched in the country at its cancellation. While it is still unclear what events directly led to Fox cutting ties with its host, Carlson has received a flood of support since the announcement, with his website reportedly crashing due to an influx of new email subscribers. On Monday, Beck told his listeners that severing ties with Carlson would “kill” the Fox News network.

“Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. Now, I don’t know what that means. You know, we’re in wild speculation territory,” said Beck, who left his job at the network in 2011 to found The Blaze.

“To me, this is a suicidal move for Fox… If it’s their move.”

The network made the shocking announcement on Monday, saying they had “agreed to part ways” with Carlson, and thanked him for “his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.”

“I’ll tell you, now more than ever, where are you going to get the truth?” Beck told his listeners.

“Tucker was the only guy out there that I felt was in the mainstream media that was telling America the truth. Who’s doing that? There’s nobody in the mainstream media, nobody, and I now include Fox… You’re getting rid of Tucker Carlson? Wow. Letting him walk out the door even? Wow.”

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Fellow Fox News alum Megyn Kelly shared similar thoughts on Monday’s show, calling the decision to part ways with Carlson “a terrible move.” Kelly left the network in 2017 and currently hosts The Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXM.

“This is a terrible move by Fox, and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson… I don’t know what drove Fox News to make this decision–and it was clearly Fox News’ decision because they’re not letting him say goodbye,” Kelly told her listeners.

“Tucker’s the only reason a lot of people still watch Fox News. With respect to my other colleagues there, I’m saying he’s their favorite.”

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While Carlson has not yet responded to the startling announcement as of Tuesday, supporters noted that his website had received a slight makeover. The homepage was rebranded to describe Carlson as “the sworn enemy of censorship.”

“TEXT TUCKER TO 44055,” a popup for the site now reads, along with an invitation to become a “ insider” and “find out what Tucker’s up to next.”


The influx of traffic was reportedly so massive that Carlson’s website crashed several times. “I’ve been trying for over an hour to sign up and it’s stuck, lol,” one Twitter user commented.

“I’m trying to sign up for Tucker’s notifications at his website. There must be a lot of traffic there as it’s hard to get on. That’s great news for him!” – onehappyclan (@1happyclan)

“There are so many people signing up the website is hung up,” another commenter wrote. “I did the text.”

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