Gen Z Cancels ‘Wife-Beater’ For ‘Wife-Pleaser’ Name For Tanks Tops

All hail the ‘wife pleaser’ as the new thing to call the basic tank top. The term “wife beater” used to be how many referred to this humble clothing statement. Still, it has been canceled  — along with blond hair, skinny jeans, thumbs-up emojis, and everything else Gen Z has declared uncool or ‘cheugy,’ according to the NY Post. If you don’t know what cheugy means, you’re out of date and probably like things from the 2010s, a shamefully loser-ish thing according to Get Z.

The typical image of the stereotype of a man wearing a tank top, otherwise known as a “wife-beater,” is now known as a “wife-pleaser.”

Meanwhile, no self-respecting Gen Xer would admit to caring about what’s on trend. Still, one thing Boomers, Xers, Millenials, and Zers can agree on is that tank tops are a much-loved clothing staple here to stay. So how did this strangely derogatory term of “toxic masculinity” become the common name for what was originally an undershirt and now an item of clothing worn by both men and women? 

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The term “wife beater” is slang for a particular style of men’s undershirt, a tank top, or an A-shirt. The origins of this term are unclear, but it gained popularity in the mid-20th century. They primarily absorb sweat and provide an extra insulation layer for laborers and athletes. The name “wife beater” is derived from negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media, as some individuals associated this undershirt style with domestic violence. 

All types of men wear tank tops, and there’s no evidence of them harming anyone.

According to the NY Post;

Origins of the controversial moniker are unconfirmed, but sources cite a 1947 murder case involving a Detroit, Michigan, man who was arrested for beating his wife to death and photographed wearing the infamous top.

The tank top was a clothing item popular with blue-collar men. The blue-collar look of Marlon Brando in 1951’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” made the tank top a pop culture sensation. It’s hotter than ever and can be seen on everyone from Florida Jolt’s Editor At Large Tracy Caruso and on celebrities such as actor Jeremy Allen White from “The Bear,” a more cuddly type than Brando. 

Florida Jolt Editor At Large Tracy Caruso, wearing the iconic tank top, now known by Gen Zers as a “wife-pleaser.”

Now everyone wears a tank as a layering piece or outerwear, and although white is traditional, it comes in every color and material under the sun. It is a perfect clothing item in Florida, especially during the brutal summer months. 

Just don’t call it don’t call it a “wife beater.” These days, the kinder, softer generation, Gen Z, is calling it the “wife pleaser.” 

Men and women of all ages enjoy wearing tank tops, especially during the hot summer months.

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According to the NY Post, the trend has caught on. On TikTok, #wifepleaser boasts more than 11.4 million views, while #wifepleasertank has racked up 13.9 million. Trendsetters on the app rejoice at the arrival of “wife pleaser” summer, flaunting the wardrobe staple in viral “fit checks” and excitedly reviewing the “best brands” on the market. While most fashion-forward TikTokers rebrand ideas, some are pushing back on the term “wife pleaser,” calling it “cringe.” In contrast, others ask if a simple “undershirt” or “tank top” wouldn’t suffice.

Online influencer Xander Torres, who posts styling videos and boasts more than 182,800 followers, regularly refers to the undershirts as “wife pleasers.” He said he receives pushback from a “vocal minority of incels and virgins,” who prefer the original term, but he’s also not bothered by it.

If you don’t know what an incel is, you may be too “cheugy” to wear a “wife-pleaser,” but no matter what age you are, you can and should enjoy wearing a tank top. Just know that you’re wearing an iconic piece of history, and unlike the younger set, at least you know who Marlon Brando is. 

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