Gen. Milley to be Replaced by DEI-supporter Gen. Brown

President Biden has allegedly found a replacement for infamous forever-war-loving Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley: DEI advocate and General Charles Brown Jr.

General Brown
General Charles Brown at a 2021 Veteran Day Ceremony


Republican legislators have been quick to call out the Biden administration for this choice, saying that the General’s DEI ideas are behind his choosing, and not the extensive experience on the General’s resume.

The General posted a video in support of George Floyd and the protests that lit up the US in 2020.

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“I think about having to represent, by having to work twice as hard to prove their [negative] expectations and perceptions of African-Americans were invalid.” ~ Gen. Brown in response to the summer 2020 crisis.

If the allegations are true, General Brown would have massive influence over US involvement in Ukraine and US defense policy toward China, Russia, Iran, and other foreign adversaries.

The mainstream media already appears to be celebrating the “firsts” that would come as a result of Brown’s appointment.

The Biden administration has had a humiliating record of promoting “DEI” in his White House – including one shocking scenario in which drag queen and women’s underwear thief Sam Brinton became a top official at the Department of Energy. He was fired pending criminal charges for his incessant underwear and clothes theft.

Many Republicans seem open to Gen. Brown becoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs despite his woke DEI ideology but disagree with the Biden administration’s focus on skin color rather than actual qualifications.

“It must really suck to be General Brown right now. He appears to be highly qualified but rather than highlighting his merits, the media and President focus on the color of his skin.” ~ @factsoveragenda

The complaints highlight a major battle between the left and right: the former seeks racial equity, and the latter seeks colorblind meritocracy.

“Is it really necessary to say he is the second black general to lead the Joint Chiefs. How about just saying he is an exceptional leader. Race shouldn’t be a qualification.” ~ @ThRealBillM76

“I sure wish you would have led with his credentials first and not that he’s black. How is Americans ever going to be color blind if our president, congress, executive branch, and all liberal papers continue to refer to Americans and black Americans and Asian Americans, [instead of] just Americans.” ~ @erictdryden

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Many other Republicans are jubilated to finally be done with General Mark Milley and his machinations.

Another Twitter user jabbed at Milley’s anti-white DEI reading recommendation: “White Rage.”

“Wow, so now Milley will have enough time to be able to read more about that ‘white rage’ he’s so concerned about.”

Milley drew the ire of many pro-peace and America First groups after refusing or otherwise impeding an order to withdraw from dozens of Bush and Obama-era foreign entanglements, which came from President Donald Trump.


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