‘Gaveled Out’: Gaetz Releases Documentary on Speaker Fight, McCarthy Ousting

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is landing one last jab against ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, releasing a new 13-minute documentary Friday about his ousting and the subsequent battle for the Speaker’s gavel.

In early October, Gaetz led the motion to vacate that forced McCarthy from his leadership role, making him the shortest-tenured Speaker in almost 150 years. With a final tally of 216 to 200, the vote marked the first time in history that a Speaker of the House had been fired from their position.

“It’s not just a film. It’s a movement,” Gaetz said about the new video he published on his social media account on X. The film is titled ‘Gaveled Out: Return of The People’s House.’

“Get ready to dive into the heart of the battle for the gavel that took the country by storm this year,” Gaetz said in a statement Friday morning. “Today my office is releasing a short documentary on a gripping tale of power, perseverance, and triumph of the American people over The Swamp. Witness the dramatic unraveling of events that led to the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.”

“They branded us agents of chaos, but what really happened? This is more than a story — it’s a revolution. A journey of reclaiming the House, prioritizing YOUR voice over the dollars of lobbyists and special interests,” he continued.

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The documentary begins with news clips covering the January Speaker election, which took 15 rounds of voting to elect McCarthy to the office. The film continues through his ousting nine months later, the subsequent weeks-long battle on the Hill to fill the vacancy, and the eventual election of Speaker Mike Johnson.

“I made all of you a promise that we would have a speaker of the House who was more conservative and more honest, and we got our guy,” Gaetz says about Johnson. “It was so touching to see this man of God talking about how we can fulfill America’s great vision together, and it is an America-first vision, and it is a strong America vision and one I definitely share.”

A press release from Gaetz’s office says the film “highlights the series of events that led to a handful of patriotic members of the House replacing former Speaker Kevin McCarthy with a constitutional lawyer – Mike Johnson of Louisiana.”

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After an initial period of silence following his removal, McCarthy has become a vocal critic of Gaetz and has repeatedly called for the Florida Congressman to face punishment for his actions. On Thursday, McCarthy appeared on CNN, telling host Manu Raju that the House would benefit “tremendously” if Gaetz were not a member.

“People have to earn the right to be here,” McCarthy said. “He’ll admit to you personally he doesn’t have a conservative bent in his philosophy. And just the nature of what he focuses on.”

When asked by Raju whether he felt Gaetz should be expelled, the California Republican replied, “That’s up to the conference. I don’t believe the conference would ever heal if there’s no consequences for the action.”

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