Gaetz Sounds Off On Republicans ‘Dressed Like Democrats in Drag’

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz says he will continue to campaign against some of his ‘RINO’ colleagues despite House Speaker Mike Johnson issuing calls for a truce last week. Johnson reportedly warned members at a recent House Republican retreat to cease their attacks on one another amid multiple pending primary battles. Gaetz, spearheading efforts against two of his colleagues, said Sunday that he was unfazed.

“I would love nothing more than to just go after Democrats,” Gaetz said in an interview with CNN.

“But if Republicans are going to dress up like Democrats in drag, I’m going to go after them too. Because, at the end of the day, we’re not judged by how many Republicans we have in Congress. We’re judged on whether or not we save the country.”

Gaetz backs challengers to Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois and Rep. Tony Gonzalez of Texas.

Bost, notably, was a vocal critic of Gaetz during the ousting of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last fall. After previously screaming at Gaetz on the floor, Bost reportedly lunged at the Florida Republican during a closed-door meeting in October. Gaetz is supporting challenger Darren Bailey in this Tuesday’s primary election.

Gaetz was also seen on the campaign trail with Gonzalez’s primary challenger earlier this month. That runoff election will be decided on May 28.

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At least four primary battles are ongoing within the GOP, with incumbent members campaigning against their colleagues in South Carolina and Virginia. House Speaker Mike Johnson has repeatedly called for order in his party but has been unable to stop the infighting. Republicans are currently holding on to their House majority by just two seats.

“I’ve asked them all to cool it,” Johnson told CNN in a recent interview. “I am vehemently opposed to member-on-member action in primaries because it’s not productive. And it causes division for obvious reasons, and we should not be engaging in that.”

“So I’m telling everyone who’s doing that to knock it off. And both sides, they’ll say, ‘Well, we didn’t start it, they started it.’”

But while Johnson reportedly warned members at Thursday’s GOP retreat, Gaetz was in Texas campaigning against Gonzalez.

“While the rest of my colleagues on Thursday will be on retreat, I’m going to be on the advance,” the Florida Congressman said.

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Gaetz’s campaigning reportedly earned him the outrage of Rep. Tom Cole (R-LA). The Louisiana Republican told CNN that it was “unacceptable behavior” to challenge a fellow House Republican.

“I’ve never worked against another Republican, even ones I had profound disagreement with… They need to remember it’s a very small town, you’re gonna see them again, and they’re gonna be here. And it’s just a very unprofessional way to act.”

But Gaetz says he has no plans to ease up any time soon,

“I will go to any place in this country where we can pick up seats, where we have Republicans who are not acting in adherence with our values and our principles… Let the battle begin.”

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