Gaetz Gives Biden ‘F’ Grade on Handling of Israel-Hamas Conflict

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is calling out President Joe Biden for financing both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

While the White House declared its support for Israel following the bloody Oct. 7 terror attack, several new reports indicate that a surprising amount of foreign aid is finding its way into the hands of Hamas extremists. The Biden administration’s approach to the Middle East conflict, including the funding of humanitarian assistance to Gaza and a $10 billion sanctions waiver for Iran, may be prolonging the bloodshed, according to Gaetz.

The Florida Congressman spoke out in a Fox News appearance on Sunday.

“How do you grade President Biden’s performance when it comes to the Israel-Hamas conflict?” host Mike Emanuel asked Gaetz.

Well, the Biden policies toward Iran have actually animated more violence from Hamas. So I would give Joe Biden an F because he’s allowing billions of dollars to be accessed in cash flow finance from Iran,” Gaetz responded. “We already know what Iran will do with that. They will use it to extend their malign influence.”

“It’s worth noting that even the Biden administration’s own inspector general at USAID [United States Agency for International Development] is saying that a lot of this humanitarian assistance that Biden was just trumpeting from Nantucket actually ends up in the hands of Hamas.”

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Gaetz explained that while believing the intentions behind the humanitarian efforts were good, a lack of accountability has meant that resources intended to help innocents are instead being “scooped up” by bad actors.

“In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to what we dealt with in Somalia in the ’90s where we wanted to ensure that people had food and medicine, but providing that provision was often scooped up by warlords.”

The Florida Republican cast doubt on the White House’s ability to deploy aid effectively, telling the Fox News host, “I don’t know that we have a situation in Gaza where we can send aid that isn’t controlled by Hamas.”

“So let’s not feed Hamas through these USAID and other so-called humanitarian programs. I’m far more concerned about what will happen to our people if we continue this tomfoolery.”

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Scrutiny against the Biden administration is once again mounting after Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed an extension this month to a sanctions waiver for the Islamic Republican of Iran. The waiver reportedly grants the Iranian government access to at least $6 billion in previously frozen assets.

While the Biden administration says the funds are intended to be used on humanitarian projects, critics say the waiver will enable Iran to continue funding terrorist activity.

“It is absolutely outrageous the Biden Administration continues to find ways to send Iran money,” Florida Congressman Mike Waltz (R) told Fox News in a report earlier this month.

“Especially from Iraq, where the same Iranian-backed militias who are targeting American forces increasingly run the show and are helping keep Iraq addicted to Iranian energy,”

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