Gaetz & Allies Slammed in ‘Snarky’ Letter By Fed-Up Colleague

Tempers are flaring on Capitol Hill as the House begins its fourth week without a Speaker. The GOP conference is in open conflict- with members trading jabs and airing their grievances to reporters- but one Congressman stood out last weekend when he decided to write his thoughts.

On Saturday, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) issued a biting statement on official letterhead, addressed to Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and his allies who ousted former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The California Republican took a mocking tone in what POLITICO reporter Olivia Beavers described as “super snarky.” Beavers first published the letter on the social media platform X.

“Dear Wayward Colleague,” the letter begins “Your letter of October 20, in which you graciously offer to martyr yourselves as long as you can get your way, is perhaps the most selfless act in American history.”

McClintock referred to a statement issued by Gaetz and his colleagues last week, in which they offered to accept “censure, suspension or removal” in exchange for electing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as Speaker. Jordan’s Friday after he was removed as the nominee by an anonymous ballot.

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“We truly didn’t deserve this,” the letter continued, mocking the anti-McCarthy faction.

“But your sacrifice is not in vain. You have succeeded in replacing the outdated concept of majority rule with an exciting new standard that a speaker must be elated by 98.2 percent of the Republican conference. Someday, a messiah will be born unto us who can achieve this miraculous threshold, and on that day your judgment will be vindicated and you will be hailed as the geniuses that you are.”

“I think we”were all truly humbled to learn that your ‘fidelity to’ Republican virtues and principles remains unwavering.’ Who could not be moved to tears to read that you offer your self-sacrifice ‘sincerely ‘and with the hope of unity with purpose?’

After wrapping up his characterization of Gaetz and his allies as false martyrs, McClintock made a final call for the eight Republicans to “see the damage” they have”done and reverse course.

“With this in mind, I modestly suggest that you plan your martyrdom in the only way that truly matters: to have the wisdom to see the damage you have done to our country and to have the courage to set things right before it is too late. I enclose a proposed resolution that perhaps one of you can offer as we begin the fourth week of national paralysis and as the world burns around us.”

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The House Speaker race is set to resume this week as the field of GOP candidates grows to include nine members, including Florida Congressman Byron Donalds. A candidate forum will be held on Monday, with another vote Tuesday to elect the GOP conference’conference’see.

The winner will be the third to receive the nomination soon after Reps. Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan ultimately failed to win the gavel.

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