Fury as Ben & Jerry’s Claims US Exists On Stolen Indigenous Land

The latest war on woke wages on with a shameless display of virtue signaling by progressive ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s, which has called on the US to return “stolen Indigenous land” in an America last Fourth of July message. The company Tweeted, “The United States was founded on stolen indigenous land. This Fourth of July, let’s commit to returning it.” They continued arguments on their website by stating that July 4th fun can “distract from an essential truth about this nation’s birth.”

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According to the NY Post;

Ben & Jerry’s proposed to “start with Mount Rushmore,” writing, “What is the meaning of Independence Day for those whose land this country stole, those who were murdered and forced with brutal violence onto reservations, those who were pushed from their holy places and denied their freedom. The faces on Mount Rushmore are the faces of men who actively worked to destroy Indigenous cultures and ways of life, to deny Indigenous people their basic rights,” the statement concluded.

Don’t be surprised to see two-for-one sales for Ben & Jerry’s pints in stores with product placement strategically positioned with Bud Light. Many are now calling for boycotts on Twitter. Ben & Jerry’s has learned nothing from the Target, Satanic pride clothing fiasco, and the Bud Light disaster with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. People don’t want a lecture to come with their products. 

Country singer John Rich, an outspoken critic of the Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney disaster, took to Twitter.

“Make @benndjerrys Bud Light again.” ~John Rich

Ben & Jerry’s is another corporate company that must stay out of politics. Their job is to sell happiness in a cone, not lecture about the evils of America; the country entirely responsible for giving them the ability to spout off any ridiculous nonsense they feel like publicly talking about. 

Ben & Jerry’s has taken controversial political positions in the past, such as their stance on Israel. As stated on their website, they believe in  “eliminating injustices in our communities by integrating the concerns into our day-to-day business activities.”  

The NY Post reported;

Ben & Jerry’s also caused a stir in 2021 when it announced it was putting a freeze on selling ice cream in “the Occupied Palestinian Territory” — a move that drew intense fury from Israelis, including PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Cohen and Greenfield later filed a lawsuit against parent company Unilever after the Israeli branch of Ben & Jerry’s was sold to a local license.

America is a free country. Ben & Jerry’s can say whatever they want, and consumers are free not to buy their ice cream. Money talks; people can express their lactose intolerance by purchasing a different brand—time to ‘Target’ Ben & Jerry’s and boycott them. There are plenty of other brands that love our country, and other ice cream companies aren’t milking wokeism for all it’s worth. 

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