From Fireworks to Fiascos: Biden’s Road to Ruin

It’s a comment on the drawbacks of democracy as a political system when it can elect a dangerous buffoon like Joe Biden. It’s also a prime example of the madness of crowds and the destructive, emotional current that can course through human nature. How could this happen in a nation like the United States of America, which is supposed to have intelligent, discerning voters?

Biden the Buffoon 2023 Florida Jolt
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Biden is such a disastrous embarrassment that I can’t stand to watch even a short blurb of his speeches anymore. He’s a self-described “gaffe machine,” speaking first and thinking later. But wait. That’s not the worst of it. Far worse is who becomes President if Biden leaves office early. Enter Disaster #2, a bow to identity politics, which means our republic will really go off the rails.

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We, the American People, have given Biden his chance to impress us with his leadership and capabilities. In a monstrous way, he has been found wanting. In merely two years, the man has engineered the largest expansion of government since the 1960s. Different folks can point to different reasons, but the bottom line is that he is incompetent. Unless he reads a teleprompter for instructions, he couldn’t lead his way out of a thin paper bag, although he might stumble over one. Biden has never run anything except a few staffed Senate committees; our nation’s Chief Executive has zero executive experience. Our Commander in Chief has had no military training.

Just imagine what world leaders think of him privately. They must think, “Here’s a man I can take advantage of.” They don’t fear Joe Biden or respect him.

So, let’s focus on what his calamitous political worldview looks like and take a look at the future of America. Biden has no firm principles except to grow the government so it can take over more of society’s functions. Hard to know what he truly believes other than that; that leaves the U.S. sadly leaderless with no one at the helm with a vision that continues our greatness.

Biden’s intentional and methodical disaster at the southern border violates the Rule of Law when he allows criminal organizations to pour drugs into this country and expand human trafficking. According to FAIR, we now have approximately 16.8 million illegal aliens residing in America. Illegals are now even walking in from Canada from the north. The U.S. has no borders anymore, and terrorists worldwide know it. Biden ignores these dangers.

All this is a significant mystery to thinking people who value America’s historical successes.

America’s Founders understood human nature and politicians’ lust for power, so they did not trust politicians. This wisdom led them to create a political system that was complex, inefficient, not easily managed, and hard to get things done. They wanted a weak government and a strong society. A fear of governance from on high prompted them to keep the sovereignty of the individual above the political regime and to decentralize government away from a mighty central capitol—such as Washington, DC.

The powers of government were separated into three branches, with two Legislative houses, to diversify authority. One reason this was done was to cripple the ability of any single official, such as a President with dictatorial aspirations, a la Joe Biden. Only limited power can be imposed by a governing body with a weak executive head of government, and that’s precisely the way the Founders wanted it. Political paralysis tamps down extreme government powers, which is why gridlock is so wonderful. Joe Biden has tried to gather too much power into his own hands, which is one reason for the three major defeats he suffered last week at the hands of the Supreme Court. It’s a good thing when an incompetent President with declining cognitive skills gets his hand slapped. Citizens can rest a bit easier because of it.

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