‘Frivolous:’ DeSantis’ Office Dismisses Nikki Fried Ethics Complaint as ‘Politically Motivated’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office dismissed a recent ethics complaint as a “frivolous and politically motivated attack.”

Newly-elected Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics against Governor Ron DeSantis, claiming he accepted prohibited gifts from his political committee.


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Fried announced her filing in a recent tweet, even asking Florida democrats to fund the attempt.

I just filed a state ethics complaint against @GovRonDeSantis for accepting prohibited gifts from his political committee, including:

– $235k Four Seasons* Palm Beach

– $142k Four Seasons* Miami

– $11k Dirty French Steakhouse

*not the Total Landscaping kind”

And to the rest of the Rs you may want to check all of your financial filings and campaign reports, as you all are next. Help us hold Ron DeSantis accountable for violating ethics laws. Chip in to

The text of the complaint draws tenuous connections between the Governor and the donations for the PAC. One example Fried gave was a donation from the PAC to Florida Four Seasons. Some supporters and donors to DeSantis stayed at the four seasons within the same month, enough for Fried to cry foul.

“On February 21, 2023, Friends of Ron DeSantis paid 235,244.52 to the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach…Media reports indicate  that Ron DeSantis’ top donors and supporters gathered at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach for a  three-day retreat to increase his national profile in advance of an anticipated run for the Republican nomination as President of the United States in 2024.”

DeSantis’ communications director Taryn Fenske, was not intimidated by the allegations, mocking them as partisan and empty.

“Just like the one from two weeks ago, we’ll just add this to the list of frivolous & politically motivated attacks. Louder for the Dems in the back: It’s inappropriate to use ethics complaints for partisan purposes.”

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Several other Observers on Twitter noted the same weakness in Fried’s case.

“Nothing in this complaint identifies how Ron DeSantis or his family benefitted from these expenditures,” one wrote.

“There’s nothing in your letter tying this to DeSantis. Friends of Ron DeSantis is independent of the Governor, and you know it,” another said.

As Fenske alluded, this ethics complaint comes on the heels of another spat with the Governor, in which Fried attacked him for giving an interview to British media titan Piers Morgan.


“Ron DeSantis retreated to a flipping @piersmorgan interview to try to save his failing campaign. Bahahahahahahaa. Hahahahahahahaa. Bahahahahahahah.”

Piers himself defended the Florida Governor, pointing out that Fried is throwing stones at glass house on the issue of campaign success, something several other Twitter users pointed out as well.

“No disrespect but if I were a Florida Democrat, I’d probably avoid talking about failing campaigns when it comes to a guy who just flatlined you….”

“You lost to Charlie Crist by 30 points Bahahahahaha Hahahahahaha,” one wrote.

Fried handled Morgan’s criticism with the class any observer would come to expect, implying Morgan recently going solo delegitimizes his journalistic credentials but not addressing his point.

“Lots of disrespect, but if I were a legitimate journalist, I’d have a job at a legitimate news outlet. And yet here you are. Pathetic.”

Another Twitter observer put it best.

“You’re embarrassing yourself, Nikki.”

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