‘Freedom Works Here’ – Kristi Noem Launches Move to South Dakota Ad Campaign

Republican Governor Kristi Noem wants you to move to South Dakota and has launched a cute new and compelling national advertising campaign touting some great reasons to consider it. This isn’t Noem’s first rodeo. She knows what people want. The free state of South Dakota is looking to fill 25,000 jobs, and Noem has launched two ‘Freedom Works Here’ commercials to tell you all about it. 

Governor Kristi Noem, in the “First Day” ad, plays the part of a dentist to recruit for 25,000 jobs that need to be filled in.

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Noem gained recognition for how she handled the pandemic. Recently, as reported in this Florida Jolt article, she unapologetically told Americans why it was time to boycott Target. She comes across as a down-to-earth person with great values who loves South Dakota. 

Governor Kristi Noem hams it up as a plumber in a new, fun ad campaign encouraging people to move to South Dakota and fill jobs. Professional licenses from other states are recognized.

The campaign has two commercials. In the first one, Noem is dressed as a plumber, notes the state “is hiring,” and says that South Dakota was “the first state” to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic. She tells us that since they came back first, they now have 25,000 jobs to fill. There’s no personal income tax, and the average salary for an apprenticeship is 77,000 dollars a year. South Dakota recognizes other state licenses, and apprenticeships from other states are accepted. 

At the end of the Commerical, she jokes and mentions that she’s a lousy plumber. It’s adorable. 

In her second ad, she’s dressed as a dental hygienist. It’s the same message as the plumber ad and is equally fun to watch. At the end of the commercial, she tells the poor guy sitting in the dentist’s chair that it’s her first day as she turns on a dental drill. The man looks appropriately terrified. It’s hilarious. 

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Noem spoke with Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade about the campaign, where she noted the state is also seeking welders and teachers:

Brian, we’ve got the lowest unemployment in our state that we’ve had in the history of the nation. So everybody in South Dakota gets up and goes to work every day, and that’s wonderful. That’s why our population is growing at ten times the national average, incomes are going up faster than anywhere else, and people are thriving, but I still have empty jobs. So we are doing a national recruitment campaign for people to come to South Dakota if they want to work hard, make more money, and live in safe communities we will plug them into businesses and industries and give them their skillset right on the job today.

Breitbart reported that although Noem hasn’t said she is throwing her hat in the ring, she has been widely discussed as a potential presidential candidate. In October 2021, Noem told Breitbart News that former President Donald Trump would have her backing if he ran again. 

Governor Noem’s last line in her ad as a dentist is that it’s her first day, as she turns on a dental drill. The man in the chair looks horrified, and it’s funny.

Governor Noem keeps proving herself to be a fantastic governor who seems to love South Dakota and her family life so much; it’s hard to imagine that she would choose to run for President at this point. At fifty-one, she’s got a long time to decide what’s next. In the meantime, let’s hope she puts out more of these ad campaigns. Based on the two ads, those 25,000 South Dakota jobs will be filled lickety-split. 

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