‘Freedom is Here to Stay’: Florida Republicans Outnumber Democrats By 400,000

Republicans in Florida now outnumber Democrats by 400,000 voters, Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday.

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“In 2018, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by nearly 300,000. By Election Day 2022, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 300,000. Today, we can announce that Republicans outnumber Democrats by 400,000. Freedom is here to stay.”

The figure represents a huge 700,000 vote swing from 2018. The swing propelled DeSantis to re-election by a historic 20 percentage points in November – the most significant victory margin of any Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate. Senator Marco Rubio also routed his opponent Val Demings by a whopping 16 points.

“The woke agenda has caused millions of Americans to leave [Democrat] jurisdictions for greener pastures,” DeSantis said the night of his re-election.

“Now, this great exodus of Americans – for those folks, Florida, for so many of them, has served as the promise land. We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected the rights of parents. We have respected our taxpayers, and we reject woke ideology… Florida is where woke goes to die.”

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Since then, Republicans have added 100,000 voters to their voter registration lead. The Florida Democratic Party is in disarray. Its chairman, Manny Diaz Sr., resigned last month due to the party’s crushing midterm defeat. According to some of its members, the party currently has no leadership and no future either.

Fernand Amandi, a veteran Democratic operative, told the Washington Post in January,

“The thing about Florida Democrats is we keep learning with every passing year that just when you thought you had hit bottom, you discover that there are new abysses to fall deeper and deeper into… There is no plan. There’s nothing.”

Florida’s pro-business economy and anti-lockdown policy have sent red waves crashing against its shoreline since 2020. The state’s unemployment rate is the fourth lowest in the nation at 2.5%. Florida education has excelled, having remained open while the rest of the nation shut down. The state has a strong culture of freedom.

It is the fastest-growing state in the nation, adding more than 3 million to its population over the past decade. U-Haul is reportedly expecting a flood of new movers into the Sunshine State for 2023. Florida is the company’s second most popular destination in the country, behind Texas.

In just four short years, the state has transformed from a crucial swing state to a red stronghold.

In January, DeSantis appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show and discussed his vision for continued growth in the Republican Party.

“One of the reasons why we did well [in 2022] is because our base voters knew, ‘Governor’s going to do the right thing. I trust that he’s got our back.’ There’s not a lot of trust between the grassroots and the RNC up in D.C.”

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DeSantis continued,

“When you start talking about Republican Party apparatus, a lot of our voters are like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know about that.’ So, we need to restore that trust, because ultimately you want to have an organization that’s going to be able to help in a lot of these key races.”

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