Fox News leaves Trump Train for DeSantis Express, posts stunning video

Before the rally former President Trump was supposed to have in Arizona, FoxNews posted a three-minute video of Trump supporters in Maricopa County who want to ditch him for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The rally ended up being postponed due to the death of Ivana Trump.

The montage features a group of voters in the Grand Canyon State claiming they would rather see President Trump sit out for the 2024 general election race and identified DeSantis as the figure they would want to see take charge of the GOP.

The first half of the video exclusively focuses on asking those being interviewed about Trump.

Regarding the potential divisiveness of Trump, one voter identified as Jeff said, “I like what he stands for; I like what he does. But he upset too many people, and he upset them really bad. So I don’t think he’s good for the party.”

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The voters in the video montage all expressed a degree of respect for Trump but said it was time for him to walk away. One voter named Susan expressed her thoughts over the matter, by claiming “At this point, he’s a little too polarizing. “There are candidates out there – Republican candidates, obviously – that may be able to pull in people that he would lose.”

Susan, a Floridian visiting Arizona, says she would prefer to see her governor, Ron DeSantis run in 2024 rather than former President Trump.

However, one Arizona woman, Beverly, told Fox News “He needs to get back in, he already gained that respect from all the world leaders, and finish what he started.”

During the second half of the video, the voters interviewed were asked who should make a 2024 campaign run and the answer was unanimous: Ron DeSantis.

A voter named Jason pitched a unique idea that would serve as a middle ground solution declaring “DeSantis [should] run for president. “And if he wants to, then, he could pick up Donald as a vice president.”

Arizona woman, Beverly, ardently told Fox News that Trump needs to make a 2024 Presidential Run.

One voter named Jackson, who admitted himself to be a fan of DeSantis over Trump for 2024, spoke out while claiming “Donald Trump had a great run.” Jackson continued by proclaiming

“After the fact, I think we’ve seen a lot of the divisiveness. The policy that he was able to do, I would probably vote for him in [a general] election, but not a primary.”

Trump is still planning a rally in Arizona with Arizona Republicans, including Senate candidate Blake Masters and Governor candidate Kari Lake.

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