FOX News Host Calls Out Hypocrisy of Liberal Media For Overlooking Racist Attacks Against Nikki Haley [VIDEO]

Fox News host Howard Kurtz laid into the liberal media on his Sunday morning show for having double standards when it comes to criticizing comments by Republican lawmakers.

Kurtz referenced two scenarios where a prominent Republican and prominent Democrat made controversial comments in recent weeks.

On the Republican side, he discussed Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. expressing support for secession, and on the Democratic side, he discussed left-wing Daily Beast reporter Wahajat Ali’s racist attacks on Nikki Haley.

On February 20th, Greene said that the United States ‘needs’ a national divorce, citing Democrat’s support of ‘woke’ culture issues and their ‘America Last’ policies.

Her Democrat colleagues and left-leaning immediately pounced on her, with some saying that she should be removed from the Homeland Security Committee, claiming that her call for a ‘national divorce’ was a violent threat that implied she supports civil war.

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Kurtz said that the attacks on Greene were representative of a double standard in the media as Democratic politicians and prominent media personalities get a free pass for the same types of comments that lead to vicious attacks against prominent conservatives.

When a conservative says something controversial, Kurtz noted that “everyone goes nuts.” Yet when a leftist does the same, “hardly anyone blinks.”

“When someone on the right says something inflammatory, everyone goes nuts. The media pummel that person, and that’s fine. But when someone on the left does it, hardly anyone blinks. What’s the big deal? It just vanishes into the ether,” Kurtz noted in his open.

He noted that even after Greene attempted to ‘soften’ her comments, the media and Democratic politicians continued to come after her.

Six days after her initial tweet, Greene clarified that she did not want a civil war and that it should ‘never come to that.’

“Liberal pundits piled on the Republican congresswoman even after she tried to soften her remarks as not being about succession,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz noted a double standard when he brought up Daily Beast contributor Wahajat Ali’s recent comments about former South Carolina Governor and likely Presidential candidate Nikki Haley.  Ali accused Haley of using “her brown skin as a weapon against poor black folks and poor brown folks. And she uses her brown skin to launder white supremacist talking points.”

Kurtz noted that “we’re talking about a woman of color, daughter of immigrants. Who, as South Carolina governor, banned the confederate flag from statehouse grounds.”

“Ali is making the racist charge that she’s a mouthpiece for white supremacy? That is beyond the pale,” Kurtz further said.

But other than CNN host Jake Tapper who did call out Ali’s comments, Kurtz noted, “almost everyone else in the media? Crickets!”

Haley’s detractors have levied other racist accusations against her, including the accusation that she uses her middle name rather than her first name, because she doesn’t want conservative voters to be prejudiced against her.

USA Today rated the claim ‘false,’ clarifying that Nikki is a traditional Punjabi name.  The attack also flew under the radar in most mainstream media organizations even though others, including left-wing independent reporter Glenn Greenwald noted it was racist.

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