Fox News’ Charles Payne Rips Apart AOC for “Elitist” Anti-Police Comments

Fox News host Charles Payne got heated when berating Progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her “elitist” stance on New York Mayor Eric Adams increasing police pay by 28%.

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Fox Outnumbered played a clip of a New York Police officer being attacked with a bottle over the head, juxtaposed with AOC complaining about their pay increase, even saying the move defunded “safety.”


“We are now at a point officially where most officers are paid more than a teacher with a master’s degree. We are defunding safety, defunding our public schools, defunding our public pools, defunding our parks, defunding libraries, when we are taking all of those resources and demanding that every single department, except the militarized one, be cut.”

AOC’s comments drew fire from Charles Payne, financial journalist and host of Fox Business Network’s Making Money With Charles Payne.


“She is so funny. Can I put this out there right up front? The elitist bullshit about teachers with master’s degrees,” Payne began.

“What the hell is that all about? That police officer that got smashed in the head, I don’t care if she has a master’s degree, or a business degree, she was standing there as an officer of the law, a peacemaker. Someone premeditated walks up with a bottle in their pocket, smashes her in the head, and she’s talking about someone with a master’s degree?”

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Payne continued to rip into the congresswoman for her elitism, asking those who live in the Bronx, her district, and Payne’s old stomping grounds how to support a woman like her.


“This is how elite people—look, if you live in the Bronx, and I have a lot of relatives that live in the Bronx. I used to live there. Look who you’re voting for! This person thinks that someone with a master’s degree deserves—I mean this is what their priorities are based on. This is what it’s based on. It’s based on elitism. People with master’s degrees.”

Payne then mounted a vigorous defense of law enforcement and other first responders, explaining why they deserve high pay for putting in their work, especially in areas like the Bronx.


“These are folks who put their lives on the line. Police officers, fire departments, first responders are always underpaid. In New York City, they’re severely underpaid compared to the outlying counties that you talked about. You could easily go to Suffolk County or somewhere else, make a lot more money, face a lot less crime and live a much better life. They’re almost volunteers! They’re almost volunteers, what they’re doing. They should be praised and put on a pedestal, and give them as much money as we can give them—bottom line.”

Payne also apologized for his cursing in the heat of the moment. “By the way, and I do want to apologize, I shouldn’t have said the word BS; I should have just said ‘BS’ instead of the word,” the host said.

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