Four Florida State Reps Didn’t Vote on Abortion Bill – Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

On Thursday, April 13th, hours after the House passed a pro-life bill that limited abortions to six weeks by seventy to forty, Governor DeSantis signed that bill into law. Nine House Reps didn’t vote. Within the next few days, five of the nine ended up voting. So now we have four rogue elected representatives who still haven’t voted. Don’t let them get a pass on this one. They can vote through the end of session.  

Republican State Representative Fabian Basabe walked on the abortion vote.  He can still vote on this for another few weeks. Don’t accept his refusal to do so. State Representatives must take responsibility and vote.

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For many, a near-total abortion ban was a surprising issue to come to the floor. For some, it was a challenging vote to make. Before serving in office, many candidates need to realize that they can’t just go off the rails and do whatever they feel like doing. The result is that some elected officials keep their promises to voters, and some don’t.

The Florida House is in a unique position this session. Republicans had a majority in the House but not a super majority until 2022. We needed two more seats to make that happen. We got seven. The result is that Republicans can do whatever they want to do. They do not have to compromise, and this session shows us what that looks like. Some people love it, and some don’t. Democrat votes aren’t needed. If Republicans want a bill to pass, it will pass. Even if the bill is something that some House Republicans are against, there are so many Republicans that the chances of a bill not passing once it makes it to the floor are slim to none. 

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There is a lot of pressure on members to vote with their party. The question becomes, who can handle that pressure, and who can’t? You may want to rethink being in office if you can’t handle taking responsibility and getting negative blowback from your decision. 

For the abortion bill, four representatives still haven’t voted. These Representatives are:

Fabian Basabe (Rep)

Fiona McFarland (Rep)

Jim Mooney (Rep)

Cyndi Stevenson (Rep)

A few of the representatives had legitimate reasons for not being available to vote, but there’s no excuse for not doing it before session ends.  The fact is that all of them can still vote. Don’t let anyone gaslight you into thinking there’s a reasonable explanation for not voting. There isn’t. Most people don’t know that if the representatives miss the vote, they can still vote until right after session ends. That’s three more weeks. All four legislators can still vote, and they should. If one of these legislators is your representative, I urge you to contact them. Don’t let them get a pass on this. They owe you a vote. 

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