Former Teacher Calls Out ‘Lucrative’ DEI Programs, ‘Race Hustlers’

A former California high school teacher shredded the rise of “lucrative” diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in a new interview on Monday. Kali Fontanilla joined Fox and Friends to call out some of America’s top universities and corporations for their new mandatory DEI courses. The DEI industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, with recent reports valuing it as high as $10 billion.

“These are race hustlers,” Fontanilla told Fox. “And they’re learning that DEI is very lucrative.”

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According to the network, the cost of obtaining an accredited DEI certificate has skyrocketed. At Yale and Cornell, fees currently run around $3,600. At other Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, the cost can range up to $12,400 per certificate

“Imagine getting paid $12,000 to record a lesson about how you’re a micro-aggressive racist if you’re a white person that wants to touch someone’s hair… This is evidence that DEI is spreading, that these corporations are paying these activists to come and train their employees and maybe have a DEI specialist in their corporate setting.”

Fontanilla, who is black, says that she feels that diversity and inclusion programs have only worsened race relations in America.

“They’re basically out to monitor people based on how they interact with each other based on race, and I’m like, ‘please, can we not do that right now?’ We are at a crisis in this nation, and we need to make sure that we’re getting along, and I only see this as causing more racism.”

The former high school teacher shared her personal experience dealing with the programs. She said she had seen firsthand how DEI ideology had been injected into the California school system. She recalled being treated differently by her coworkers due to the messaging.

“As a former public school teacher I saw these types of trainings coming into our teacher trainings and I remember having to speak up and say, ‘hello can you guys please not treat me differently based on the color of my skin.’

I do not want a coworker to come up to me and say, ‘because of your skin color, I’m going to take a step back and listen more’ or ‘I’m going to let you go first,’ or any of this hand-holding pandering that they’re doing.”

“It’s just getting really out of hand, and it’s also a way to discriminate,” she added.

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Fontanilla shared a Goldwater Institute report examining faculty job openings in the Arizona public university system. According to the report, 80 percent of job applicants in the system were required to take a diversity, equity, and inclusion pledge. “If I saw that at a job or at a university I was applying would be like ‘uh, pass,'” she said

It’s a discriminatory hiring practice to do these types of pledges, and DEI trainings, because it turns a lot of people off including myself and most of us that are right leaning… It’s only causing more racism and division, and I think that instead of peddling all of this race-focused nonsense, we should be making sure that our young people are literate and ready to contribute to society.

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